Thursday, October 29, 2020

Willow Wax Craft: The Urge Struck


I had the wax tart urge. Did I need more wax? No, not really. But I was craving some elusive scents that I just did not have in my collection. I found in my quest for constant comfort that I had amassed plenty of vanilla bakery, apple cinnamon and evergreens. However, I was lacking atmospherics and ambers and scents that really sent me somewhere. 

I knew where to go to get that itch scratched: Willow Wax Craft

Ghoul-Haunted Woodland-Notes: Cool, shadowy conifers, a hint of rain, withering leaves, apples, and lavender. $6
This is a beautifully rendered fresh outdoor aroma. The conifers are brisk and piney while the rain and leaves add to the coolness of the scent. Apples very subtly keep the too fresh edge from creeping in by softening the mountain air robustness. This ghoul-haunted woodland is located in a temperate late autumn coniferous forest and I like it.

Lost on the Moor- Notes: The haunting, chilling scent of the wild Yorkshire moor- heather, lavender, moss, chamomile, ozone, juniper, and elderflower. $6
Flower laden meadows in wide open spaces. The chamomile and elderflower have a lovely mild sweetness that enhances the verdant herbal aspects of the moss and juniper. This will be lovely to melt in the bedroom and once winter fades away.

Primeval Forest- Notes: Cardamom, cedarwood, loam, rose, and decaying foliage scattered on the forest floor. $6
That cardamom and rose is beyond elegant. I love that pairing of spicy warmth and earthy rose. The cedarwood and leaves play perfectly with the rose and cardamom, providing the reminder that this is a forest scent first and foremost. I would wear this as a perfume.

Bonfire Stories- Notes: Caramelized marshmallows, a crackling fire, sweet woodsmoke, and all the tales they weave. $6
Based on the notes I knew I couldn't possibly check-out without this one. This reminds me a touch of Bonfire Bliss but the caramel note is much stronger. The caramel is so dense that it pulls more toffee than marshmallow. It stands up against the flame and smoke. 

Desiderium- Notes: Tuberose, jasmine, vanilla, leather, and honeyed immortelle absolute, with shadowy whispers of incense smoke, musk, and amber. $6
I had to look up what desiderium meant (an ardent feeling of longing, especially accompanied by grief). The scent is nothing short of incredible. I asked for unique and evocative blends and that is certainly what I got. The leather and white intoxicating florals stop short from femme fatale by the addition of the jammy immortelle and velveteen incense. The incense leans a touch nag champa and I love it for that. 

Mechanical Heart- Notes: Sharp frozen metal and clockwork covers a heart of hot carnation and resinous-spicy copal, all surrounded by sudden snowfall. $6
The blending of spiced carnation with it fresh peppery hues and the cool metallic clank of metal is wonderful. They do have a certain symmetry. The copal smells a touch green and fresh, reminding me of the copal a friend brought back from Belize. I am going to enjoy melting this one. 

Victorian Smoking Room- Notes: Dark wood panels, tall shelves of worldly literature, opulent leather armchairs, and velvet. Black pepper, patchouli, vetiver, sweet tobacco, cherry vanilla pipe smoke, rich bourbon, and deep brown sugar. $6
If I could visit any time in the past for future, I would always and forever choose to visit the Victorian era. About 1890 would do it. I love reading historical fiction set in that time and I have a few books published during that time (Harper's Bazaar and some others) and they simply transport me. So of course I had to pick this scent up. Certainly in my wheelhouse of notes as well. It lives right up to its name. The tobacco and pipe smoke are lush and softly sweet. The pepper and patchouli add depth. I would almost venture to say that this combination reminds me of a much deeper and richer version of Lord of Misrule. It has that vanillic and cushiony pepper and patchouli suggestion. 

Aurora- Notes: Fresh citrus, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, vanilla, oakmoss, and vetiver. $6
I am a sucker for minty herbal scents. And I love how this one was poured with the three color layers. The rosemary and vanilla peppermint shine brightest but the other notes give this a sparkle and brightness that makes it unique among my many minty wax tarts. I will be going back for more of this one for sure.

I am so thrilled with my order. I shared several scents with a friend of mine who was looking for some lovely green scents and I think what I sent off fit the bill.

I also picked up some of the elemental fire scent shots. Samantha makes really cool themed elemental bundles for $21 that feature seven scents that are to be used blended together. These four from the fire collection really struck a chord with me. Chai is a wonderful example of a freshly steeped cup of chai tea. Labdanum is one of my personal favorite perfume notes so to sniff its sticky amber sweetness in wax is great fun! Tobacco is rich and almost coffee-like in its toasted molasses twang. Vanilla Smoke heady and so dense I can almost chew the smoke.

I will be back to buy and sniff more of Samatha's wonderful wares. More Aurora for sure and perhaps a few of her Halloween scents if I can snag some fast enough. Do you enjoy atmospheric scents in wax? Where do you like to be transported? What unique notes do you enjoy?


  1. Mechanical Heart sounds truly unique- wow!! I'll have to check that one out, methinks. Lol
    The elemental sets sound like a lot of fun!
    What a fantastic order of unique scents! <3

    You know I love atmospheric blends in wax, perfume, incense, candles, etc and etc. Simple is great, but when a fragrance can touch my soul, transport me, that's the kind of smells that I need in my life. I'm glad there are too many lovely vendors who can provide that. <3 :)
    I'd say my favorite is not any actual places I've been.. like, traveling to random, imaginative places that can't actually ever happen are my favorite. I absolutely love when scent conjures up settings that just aren't possible in our physical world.

    1. I always forget how much I actually enjoy carnation scents until one hits my nose. Brings back the middle school candy grams they used to send around to the classrooms on Valentine's Day. It was a candy and carnation from a secret admirer or simply your BFF. <3

      YES!!!! Folkloric scents or fantasy scents are the absolute best!!!! I am so happy there are wax makers out there who are able to blend oils into these magical settings. I feel like I need to go home and melt some of these today. Give the old pumpkins a break. :-)