Friday, September 4, 2020

Vapid Wax: It's Showtime!

 This wax tart was sent free from Vapid Wax for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

A great smelling wax tart from Vapid is going on sale today through the 7th at Polish Pickup. The theme is All Hallow's Eve and Jenn created this fabulous Beetlejuice inspired scent.

Showtime!- Notes: A Betelguese pulls himself out of his dirt covered grave, there's a warm inviting scent of cranberries, orange cloves, mandarines, bergamot and spices. $6

This bright and cheerful tart does have a zing of citrus and the energy of the wild man himself. I can picture is mold framed face and frantic hair already. The fruits are tempered by the soil that falls from his flannel covered shoulders and the cemetery at his feet. A slight suggestion of greenery hovers nearby, perhaps the memory of the dead tree at his tombstone? Or is it the lush countryside that lies right outside the attic window? Either way this is a unique blend of earth and fruits and subtle clove. I am excited to melt it and even more excited to put the sandworm pin on my tote bag. 

My sister has dressed up like a sexy Beetlejuice a couple times for Halloween and she always looks stunning. I would love to dress up like the old portly guy myself. I bet it would be fun. 

This tart will be on sale until the 7th and will be in a limited run. Grab one while you can if you like unique blends. 

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