Monday, March 28, 2022

Arcana Wildcraft: New Classics Jeunesse Doree and Lughnasadh

 These perfumes were a gift from Julia.

Arcana Wildcraft added a few new scents to their permanent collection and I wanted to showcase them.

Jeunesse Doree- Notes: The luxe, opulent beauty of nonpareil jasmine sambac absolute, golden Italian bergamot zest, plump vanilla pods, sugary Peru balsam, soft Clearwood, and a single drop of French cognac. $26

Jeunesse doree means fashionable wealthy young people, or gilded youth. The original use for this term came from the French Revolution and the posh young anti-Jacobin thugs who terrorized Robespierre's cronies. At least that is what the Miriam-Webster definition tells me. When I sniffed it from the bottle I was getting Victorian era socialites, but turns out I was about a hundred years too late. This is a refined scent- the amber bottle houses plumose jasmine and gleaming bergamot cushioned on velvet. Graced on the skin that sugary balsam blends beautifully with the jasmine to create candy coated blossoms that straddle the line between creamy and indolic, especially once the bergamot and vanilla pool into the heart. The creamy jasmine reflects the creamy vanilla while woody and bright notes of bergamot and balsam lend elegance and age. This is a lovely scent that wears like a classic indeed.

Lughnasadh- Notes: An ode to the ancient god Lugh, Celtic mermaids, and the element of water. The scent of fresh water, white coconut, moonlight reflected on the ocean, smooth amber, seaweed absolute, rain-drenched juniper tips, and a drop of ruby-red grapefruit. (Formerly known as Lammas) $26

Along with Kraken, Strawberries Crave Waterfalls, and Fresh Coconut layering note, this perfume will become a summer staple. Sunny grapefruit, tropical coconut and coastal landscapes murmur of faraway shores and sun dappled skin. Wet on warm skin the coconut echoes of the cracked brown rind, creamy white flesh and refreshing translucent milk sipped from nature's own bowl. The bounty that is chalice, drink and morsel all in one. As the thirst is quenched and the day lingers on the scent of sun warmed amber sands swirls in pools and eddies around the senses. The timid sweet coconut and amber are a merry meet. The freshness of the ocean and juniper just whisper as a gentle breeze pushing the amber and coconut into that sultry sway. This is a beautiful perfume that will be perfect for this Florida girl in the heat and humidity of summer.

I spent all weekend outside in yard and I swear the hours spun around the clock in double time. Lots of weeds pulled, dug up some plants that died in the freezes, and planted some daisies, salvia, nailwort, St. John's wort, jasmine, and blue butterfly. The chickens made me laugh. I let them out to scrounge around the yard and every time I got to digging and planting they would run up to me and investigate. Such curious gals. The phlox seeds I planted last fall are blooming. I need to make note to pick up more packets from the Florida native wildflower website. They always remind me of my great grandmother. I'll be sure to take some pictures. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Ah, I've longed for L for so long! I enjoyed J.D. over Christmas (these are both spelling disasters for me, not even gonna try).
    I am enjoying your blogging so much Julie. The word is nuts and small bits of joy are such a haven. I could read a Julie magazine or a Julie reality show where people sit in hammocks in gardens and feed birds and throw hobbit parties and talk of perfume. Anyways, thank you.

    1. It is such a stunning scent for sure. Lughnasadh used to be Lammas I think but I never tried it when it went under that name. I totally feel you on the spelling LOL! I had to do some YouTube pronunciations to figure out how to say it. I am fascinated with the wheel of the year so it is cool.

      Thank you so very much for still being around! I appreciate your friendship. Doing all those things sounds like pure bliss. Let's do it! Hoping you and yours are doing well. I love following along on your IG.