Monday, March 21, 2022

Happy Spring


Hey there. So things are starting to slowly reach a type of homeostasis over here. I don't want to say normal, because what does that even mean these days? And with the war, cost of living, and pandemic still raging I don't think things are all that great at the moment. But the health issues I have been struggling with as of late have been slowly getting better so that is a plus. My energy is creeping back and I am thankful for that.

I have a magnet on my fridge one of my sisters gave me that says something like: if you have a library and a garden you have all you need. I am really leaning into that. I have enough books to get me through several years and a garden big enough to weed. I am loving the sweet alyssums lately, they smell so heavenly. Their dainty white fluffy clouds of flowers are strongly honey scented and make me smile.

Did you know we have a fox that comes into our yard early in the morning hunting for squirrels?? I have only seen him once at night but Adam has been lucky enough to spot him and take pictures quite a few times. He likes to send them to me while I am at school working. It totally makes my day and makes me slightly envious of his work at home view.

I think the thing about gardening is that it gives you hope. I am sure I read somewhere that planting a seed is a sign that you have faith in what the days will bring. I may not be harvesting a bounty of foods but I will gratefully take the handful of carrots and rutabagas that I pull up. 

Work is a rollercoaster but I am going to stick it out another year where I am at (if they'll let me). I am hoping I can make a good choice with my head and heart about all that when the time comes. 

I have been off Facebook for a while now and it has helped in some areas but certainly not in saving money. I figured being out of many of the wax and perfume groups would tame the spending but heck, I find all kinds of things to buy anyway. Needing to make a budget and stick to it. 

But for now I am just going to try and focus on the little things that can bring small moments of joy. And taking photos and smelling the perfumes I have are a part of that for this time being. 

Did I tell you that my oldest now has a learner's permit to drive? She loves high school so far. Learning a ton and making a couple friends. 

My youngest is making straight A's for the first time and really seeing that she is able to get the hang of math and reading despite struggling with it for so very long. I am so happy for her. She has also picked up drawing and sketching. 

My cat is getting old. She has a lot of the signs: grouchy, meows all the time, bitey, sleeps ALL day in the same spot, coat looking scruffy. I am thinking her time might be winding down. 

The chickens are doing great! They gives us 3-4 eggs each day, once even five! Not bad for only three hens. We had to give one away because she was a bully. So Reki, Baka, and Frederick are our forever girls. Well, as long as they live girls. They are so sweet. They love pecking around the yard and being held. Scarlette even swings with them in her lap. 

Well hoping your spring is going well as can be. What do you do to boost up your serotonin? 


  1. Julie,
    I always enjoy your blogs and perfume reviews. The pictures from your garden lighten my heart (and surprise me that you say you are in Florida...alyssums do not seem semi tropical?) Gardening is also my serotonin boost, but I have a balcony garden in a city. We have only been living in this apartment for a year and I hated it first, always living in a house with more plant space, but little by little I have created a little bower of herbs and flowers and plants.
    I am also a teacher and I know the hassles and heartaches it can bring, as well as the joys and rewards. Since you teach in the US, I am sending you an extra hug, as stories from colleagues there are not pretty.
    Perfume is delightful...staying off of FB does not help much (especially when I subscribed to Ajevie's email and to blogs...looked through your latest Arcana reviews carefully). I tell myself I have more than enough, but my curiosity gets the better of me. And then we all have our Achilles heel notes we just can't pass up, because one never knows what variation of a theme will make us swoon. Ah, another boost of serotonin!
    Keep writing, Julie. I hope you children continue to grow in health and happiness and success (wow one driving and one with straight As!) And you, too keep happy and healthy. I will be lurking for your reviews, as I have for years.

    1. Thank you so very much for telling me this! It means a lot to hear. I appreciate it. I am grateful that some sweet alyssums can tolerate this Florida heat. I have three different varieties in my front garden area and only one is truly thriving and getting unruly (I don't know the names but it has the largest flowers and leaves) while my teeny tiny varieties haven't really grown too much bigger and get wilted easily by the end of the day. I never thought I could grow daffodils and crocus either but I do have some teeny puny ones that are sprouting up after planting them last year! I am so shocked they continued to live!

      I love that you have been able to make the most of your urban living space. Maybe your nest of plants will be even more treasured for their preciousness and rarity due to space.

      Sending love to a fellow teacher. It is a hard and emotional job but one that is certainly needed. It has been tough the past few years, on both the kiddos and the teachers. But like you said, the rewards are huge. It really puts things in perspective when a former student reaches out to say that you helped change their life for the better, or you were their favorite teacher, or they chose their job because of your influence. It might not happen often, but it means so much when it does.

      LOL! Glad to know I am not alone in the newsletter loophole. Between Arcana, MoonaLisa, Bathing Garden, and so on, I am just fine on being updated about releases. It is absolutely a weakness. The variations on theme gets me every time. I always appreciate a lush vanilla patch, or a dreamy lavender, or golden frankincense. Serotonin inducing for sure.

      Thank you so very much, Minh Sen. I wish you health, happiness, and great scents too! <3 I hope to hear from you again and feel free to tell me some of your favorites!