Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rosegirls Store Haul

Back in May, I had major Rosegirls windfalls that included Muffin Club, a sampler, and a store haul. History is gloriously repeating itself half a year later, and November has shaped up to be full of Rosegirls nirvana. Today showcases an impromptu store haul. I also have my June order in hand and a 5 pound sampler coming soon, as well as Muffin Club Part Deuce in the works.

I am ever so thankful that my friend offered to pick some things up while she was browsing the store recently. Here is what I bought:

Pink Spearmint Snow Taffy half pie- Sweet creamy and soothing spearmint is the first aroma that greets my nose. Deeper inhalations reveal the Pink Sugar and marshmallow notes. This half pie is $14 and well worth every penny and more. This blend was one that I kept drooling over on eBay (along with Oh Captain, My Captain). I am thankful to call it mine.

Marshmallow Bonfire Bliss half pie- Oh yes. This is awesome. Their bonfire bliss is the same smelling oil as Beezy's, The Bathing Garden, and Front Porch to my nose. If not the same then very similar. Blending it with Rosegirls' Marshmallow Smoothie takes it to a different level though. It has that thick vanilla marshmallow scent Rosegirls does so well with a little campfire smokiness. A great winter time fragrance.

Cinnamon Bayberry large chunky cookie-  A festive cinnamon that leans Amish Quilt, and the bayberry leans towards evergreen and holly sprigs. Together they smell more like a country cabin than a craft store and I enjoy it.

Cinnamon Glazed Oranges large chunky cookie- This blend slays me. A wooden bowl brimming with glowing orange hued mandarins and plump tangelos garnished with curled sticks of cinnamon poking from between the citrus. Heavenly combination.

Here is my June order! Toddles and I are giddy like young'ins over tearing this open.

Any Rosegirls landing on your doorstep? Did you get a sampler recently or an order this past June?


  1. That's one awesome friend to be getting you RG goodies! =P

    I passed on this latest sampler but I did just receive a goodie box from someone today that has some RG in it, including a bag of Americana Smoothie. Mmmm!


    1. I DO have a sweet friend!! Xoxo I hope she knows how appreciated she is.

      Nice! RG gifts are pretty sweet. Americana Smoothieeee!! One of my favs.

  2. I really like the colors of the pink spearmint! I bet the marshmallow & cinnamon ones smell lovely! What a sweet friend to send that to you! :-)

    1. The colors really pop don't they?! The smell is just as great as the appearance. :-D

      It was VERY nice of her to pick up some things from the store. I am very thankful.

  3. Cinnamon Bayberry?! *Homer Simpson drool* That is one of my all-time fave scents from FP, and I'm sure the RG version is just divine as well! Fingers crossed Kathy makes some more of it this year! The Pink Spearmint Snow Taffy sounds yum as well! Spearmint is really having a moment this year, I love all the blends I'm seeing with it! Enjoy all your new goodies Julie <3

    1. Spearmint is having a moment isn't it?! I know I have fallen in love with it recently. The scent trends are fun to watch. I am ready for a cinnamon bayberry season. Are you ready for the holidays? Anything exciting coming up for you?