Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Candles From The Keeping Room: Small Haul

I did not have much of a balance left in my mad money funds so when Carol opened up her site recently I only grabbed two bags. But two are much better than none. Hoping next time to be more prepared.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies (full bag)- Carol's description reads: "... plums, dark cherries, and sweet oranges enhanced with peppery woody undertones." This is one of my favorite Christmas scents hands down. Strong wafts of Douglas Fir branches studded with velvety sage needles, sticky on the ends with camphorous sap that clings to your fingers as you carefully place treasured ornaments among the fragrant boughs. There are notes of sweetly spiced oranges and stewed fruits that keep the fragrance from being outdoorsy. Overall, it feels sparkling and bright and cheerful, like a child's dream on Christmas Eve.

Amazing Grace Type (half bag)- My mom adores this scent and her birthday is the 19th of this month. My sisters and I are making her a basket full of birthday treats and this will be one of them. She appreciates this one for how strong it throws (she likes her smells to make themselves KNOWN), and she enjoys the beautiful sweet floral quality it has. It reminds me of peonies.

Free Samples! (L to R, back to front):
Appleberry Spice-  The unidentifiable berries are throwing this off for me. I get a child's cold medicine vibe that I just cannot get past. The apples and spice do not come across pie like at all. It is very different.The spice smells a bit like anise.
Angel Heart- A pretty floral with a blonde woods feel. And berries. A fruity-floral perfume.
Christmas Cravings- Cinnamon doughnuts. Yum.
Holiday Pomegranate Bread- Zucchini bread! And candied pomegranate. I have discovered I do not enjoy tropical fruits with bakery scents. But this is a well done scent and I am sure many people will like it.
Santa Claw- Butterbrickle Bear Claws is what I pick up. And I am picking up what Mrs. Carol is laying down with this one. Mmmz.

Alrighty y'all. Buckling myself in to be prepared for CFTKR's next opening. I am going to be keeping November pretty bare with waxy orders, but CFTKR will not be one I am missing out on. I am running low on my serendipity blends. I can't be having that. I also need Wood Vanilla. Did you order recently? What did you get?


  1. What does the Amazing Grace scent smell like? That's sweet that y'all are doing a birthday basket for your mom! I bet the sugar plum fairies one smells good! :-)

    1. Have you ever smelled Philosophy's Amazing Grace perfume? It is a pretty sweet floral perfume scent.

      Sugar plum fairy is probably in my top 3 Christmas scents. :-) hope you have a great day friend! I miss you!!

  2. Awesome order, look at all those samples for just a few bags! She is so generous. I don't want to miss her next restock, I need some more Celtic Moonspice. Look at all your moon-men! ;)

    1. Carol is SO generous. I hope to catch another opening too. Celtic Moonspice!!!! Mmmm.

      Loving the moon man faces. He makes me a happy smelly gal.