Monday, November 17, 2014

Melting Basket 18

Wax tarts I would repurchase from the last basket include: S&S MacApple Leaves Marshmallow Fireside and S&S Pumpkin Cheesecake Icecream BRC, both were very strong and delicious scents.

Rosegirls- Sweet Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting
Rosegirls- Windmill Cookies
Rosegirls- The Little Farmer
Rosegirls- Cranberry Orange Smoothie
Rosegirls- Cider Lane, Sweet Pumpkin Pie and Marshmallow Smoothie
Rosegirls- Cranberry Streuselkuchen <3 gift
Frostbeard Studio- Dumbledore's Office
Super Tarts- Beetlejuice
Super Tarts- Goldbergs
Sugar & Spice- Ghost Munch Cookie Butter Crack <3 gift
Beezy- Toasted Marshmallows
Lasting Scent Candles- Candyland Dreamin'
Butterfly Lane Scents- Pink Sugar Cake
Sniff My Tarts- Cranberry Spice/Cranberry Chutney
Sniff My Tarts- Pumpkin/Pralines/Caramel
Glitterati- Pomegranate Cider/Cranberry Marmalade
CFTKR- Caramel's Perfect Autumn <3 gift

If you would like to know about any of the above scents in depth, just shoot me a comment. Can you believe how quickly Thanksgiving is approaching?! I have my grocery list all mapped out and our Thankful Tree is filling with leaves of gratitude. The Johnson Christmas shopping is wrapping up nicely. I only have a few more things to get and stockings to help St. Nick fill. As usual, in central Florida, late fall/early winter is still pretty balmy weather. The temperatures have been hovering in the 70-80's most days but a cold front is blowing through this week. Lows in the 30's at night and a high of 59. This is cause for fluffy sweaters and cute scarves. 

Our bougainvillea blooming abundantly in our yard.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Have thoughts of Christmas entered in your brain? What gets you in the holiday spirit? I think the cold snap is going to jump start mine.


  1. i've been interested in frostbeard studio: dumbledore's office & super tarts: beetlejuice. where did those end up on the sniffer scale? ;)
    i can't believe the holidays are already here!! i've been catching myself humming christmas songs... most likely because i'm experiencing a real fall this year! i'm crossing my fingers for snow!

    1. I am really excited to melt Dumbledore's Office too!! I will do a melted review of it for sure. Beetlejuice is good. I melted it tonight. Very strong apples and cinnamon scent. Not too much oatmeal cookies or pancake which is just fine by me.

      I have been playing Carpenter's Christmas everyday. I am glad you got to experience fall in your hometown this year. I wanna see snow pics!!

  2. your bougainvillea is gorgeous, Julie!!! <3

    1. Thank you Lynda! It is the star of our yard. It manages to thrive and houses mockingbird families every year. We love it.


    S&S MacApple Leaves Marshmallow Fireside is soooooo flipping amazing. YUM! Strong and deliciously crisp.

    Let us know how you like Sniff My Tarts- Cranberry Spice/Cranberry Chutney and Glitterati- Pomegranate Cider/Cranberry Marmalade are. Love cookie butter crack!

    When I was a kid, we lived in an apartment complex that had bougainvillea, but I never knew what they were called. What lovely blooming! I love your pictures. <3

    I know it's awful, but Christmas has been on my mind for a week now. I am SO behind in shopping this year...though I usually do Black Friday anyways, I might overcompensate and shop online all day. :P Thanksgiving is less of a worry because we're not in charge of the turkey or anything but mashed potatoes and 2 pumpkin rolls (one for us, one for my mom's get together). How about you? Have you done your shopping? Any Christmas thoughts? I am excited for our December OOTO! ;)

    1. My melting basket has been getting quite the work out! I am really living this method of using my wax.

      Lauren. I seriously need to place a Sugar & Spice order. I haven't since last spring.

      I will make note to report back :-)

      I have done shopping! Just a few more things to get (probably in Black Friday). I am excited about it all approaching. December OOTO will be fun!

  4. I love your bougainvillea -- gorgeous!! I'm very curious what Dumbledore's Office scent smells like.

    I haven't even started Christmas shopping this year, but I'm not worried about it. We'll be pretty low key this year, plus my girls are growing out of the toy phase -- they mostly want books (yay!!), clothes, & shoes (one wants more Converse, one wants more boots!). And my oldest mostly wants an iTunes gift card so she can load up her iPod with more music. In some ways, I miss all the shopping & surprises, but yet it's nice that each year is getting simpler. :-)

    1. Dumbeldore's office smells very interesting!

      The girls are growing up! Thankfully we are at the pinnacle of the magical time of Santa and toys and excitement. But if they are anything like me, they will remain this way well into their 30's. Clothes, books and tunes? I am down with that! Especially the books! Which ones are on the wish list? Excited about tomorrow night!