Saturday, March 28, 2015

Candles From The Keeping Room: March Order

Strawberry Marshmallow candle- Fresh Picked Strawberry impeccably blended with creamy marshmallow. Shaking my head in wonder. Sunnee mentioned loving her Fresh Picked Strawberry Chunky Marshmallow cuttable that was in her last order. I immediately bookmarked the page where this candle lay and then waited like a spider in the shadows to spring the trap on this beauty once the opening was announced. But then spider decided to take a shower like a goof. Upon emerging from the stall, the spider heard its phone ding an alert. Thankfully the spider's friend told her to "HURRY! It's OPEN!" The creepy spider is blessed to have friends like the beautiful butterfly, who watches out for her. Truly. 

My CFTKR opening order secret. I hunt through the website and bookmark two or three tart categories I really want to try and nab scents from. Then, I close out all the browsers and windows and wait patiently for Carol to announce the opening on Facebook. Once she does, I zoom to the bookmark I want most then go from there. I know it is not mind blowing information, but I find it works for me way better than just making a list on paper. Also, please make sure you are abiding Carol's own set of guidelines that can be found in her Facebook group. 

Savanna opened this whole order on her own. She unwrapped the tarts, made me smell them then went to the next one. When she got to the candle her eyes rounded and she exclaimed "MOM! That is the BEST candle I have ever seen!" Yes, my sweet babe, yes it is. I apologize now for setting your smelly candle standards so high wee one. 

Cedar Sage Blackberry- Had to grab another bag since I loved it so much in my previous order. 

Primitive Wishes- Lynda generously gifted me a tart in this scent and I fell hard for it. It is described as a sugar cookie, Christmas tree, holiday kitchen aroma. It throws beautifully, creates a cozy atmosphere and easily sits in one of my Top Ten favorite scents.

Strudel and Spice- Sweet cinnamon nirvana. The type of cinnamon that has a moist bakery note that floats concentrated and comfortingly around the air. 

Jam and Scones- Sunnee placed Jam and Scones high on her rate list and I had never tried them, so I sought to remedy that situation. The jam reminds me of wildberries and the bakery has a shortbread/biscuit feel. A very nice fragrance that isn't too sweet.

Spicy Kitchen- A spiced orange blend that has a note of which I am not too fond. A watered down anise flavor that I hope will change as it melts.

Orange Juice Cake- This scent smells so much more amazing warmed than it does on cold sniff (which accounts for my hope springing for the one above). A delicious combination of white vanilla cake and orange glaze. 

Coconut Strawberry Cake- The cold sniff hints to a stellar melting experience. Creamy coconut, fresh sweet strawberry and a hint of white vanilla cake.

Full Moon- I hesitate to talk too much about this one. The oil is discontinued. But in case it shows up in a destash somewhere... GET IT. Spiced oranges that take a whole different direction than the Spicy Kitchen above, or even the Christmas versions of spiced orange. Full Moon takes the richly spiced, sweet oranges and sets them in a secluded cabin surrounded by dark primitive forests. Excellent.

Red Saffron- This is an example of how Carol's amazing samples get one in trouble. Red Saffron is described as an incense shop on the website, but it smells more like a high end gift shop to my nose. Redolent of subdued spice, dried citrus, and woods. 

Chocolate Orchid- Sweet and sophisticated floral that I adore.

Marshmallow Fireside Type- I would not say this exactly duplicates BBW Marshmallow Fireside, but that does not take away from the quality of the scent. This version has a fragrance to it that feels more mature and sophisticated. The fireside reminds me of a hearth in someone's home.The marshmallow portion calls out sweetly and is no wallflower.

Amber Blush Type- Another BBW dupe, but this is one I am not familiar with at all. This is my least favorite of the bunch. Please don't flame me, but I honestly feel like most BBW fragrances smell very similar when it comes to their fruity-florals. Amber Blush does not smell bad, but it just smells... there. 


Island Kiss- Beautiful! Greenery, coconut, tropical musk. I love it.

Cookie Kitchen- Vanilla bakery with a crunchy cookie feel. Hard for me to get a handle on cold, but for me, most of Carol's bakery unfolds wonderfully when melted. The paraffin keeps its secrets on cold sniff.

Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding- Smells like banana bread right now. Potential is high.

Fluffy Fruit Salad- If Ambrosia salad was made into a perfume this would be it.

Spun Kiwi Raspberry- When Savanna was finished unwrapping and sniffing, this was the one she asked if she could have in her room. Told her yes of course, after I write about it. The cotton candy and strawberry are nicely sweet but the kiwi here has a green note. More of a kiwi skin rather than the juicy flesh in the center, but it keeps the scent from being too sweet and is rather nice.

Strawberry Raspberry Torte- The star of the sample bag for my nose. Juicy bright berries with a soft vanilla bedding.

Mr. Bear In The Blackberry Patch- This name is the best. I love this guy too. Mr. Bear has some serious baked goods in his berry patch. Reminded me of BJBC initially, but then I realized it is missing that sometimes over bearing butter note and replaced it with a hint of spices. 

Festive Berry- Very tart with zingy citrus that almost bubbles under the nose. The berries don't ride shotgun in this but they are there in the backseat.

Citrus Sorbet- Citrus, coconut, soft woods and musk is what my nose translates this tart as being built around. I could be, and probably am, totally off but I love it! I would love more of this for spring/summer.

Almost Paradise- Coconut. In a big way. I like it. Reminds me of sunscreen.

Fresh Fruit- Smells similar to the Fruit Slices scent a lot of vendors carry. Berries and citrus, more sweet than Festive Berry.

Gingered Peach BBW Type-  Yes, ginger and peaches, but also more. That BBW base that is swimming with other notes that makes everything from there feel like family members, related in some way. I like it and will enjoy melting it, but probably wouldn't hunt this one down on order day. 

Were you able to order at this most recent opening? My CFTKR stash is looking healthy again. I hope she opens in April and May again before she takes off for the summer. What scents from Carol do you adore? Any recommendations for me to try? Happy Saturday!


  1. Ooooh my, you got some great scents! Depending on when the next opening I can buy on is, I may make one more order before we ship off wherever it is we're shipping off to. Some of the samples I got have me drooling!
    I'm excited about the Strawberry raspberry torte sample I got, as well! That and the spun kiwi raspberry. Something about that kiwi made the tart smell awesome!
    Looking at what I bought and what I enjoyed, I guess I really really like Carol's berry scents! Maybe it's just that Spring has finally gotten to me. :)
    Have you mixed fresh picked strawberries with anything? I'm thinking I might mix it with frosted sugar cookies... that seems like it'd be fun!

    1. I hope she opens for you again before you leave! And if not, APO shipping is the same cost as stateside <3

      I hope I was making sense when describing the kiwi one, it has a note that just makes it smell so different than a typical fruit scent.

      Her berries are amazing!! You know I would have thought is blasphemy to mixed with FPS but now that I have smelled it with marshmallow, I can imagine how AWESOME it would be with frosted sugar cookies!!!!! I have that scent so I am totally copying you now. What a great idea Liz! Can't wait to see what you got! Have a beautiful Saturday friend!

  2. That is one good looking order, I tried to get in on during the last opening but I was on the way home and I am not good at mobile ordering. Well, next time! I am putting some of your fave scents on my list!

    1. I hope you can get an order in next opening! I will be cheering for you! <3

      Have you ordered from CFTKR before? Have you tried them?

  3. I loved this post!! Your descriptions are spot-on.. perfect. Gave me a good laugh for your apology for setting your daughters smelly candle standards so high :) Can NOT wait to melt Strawberry Raspberry Torte!! In fact that baby is going in my melted right now.

    Thank you for such wonderful blog posts, Julie - even thought I'm terrible at leaving comments <3

    1. Thank you Lynda!! <3 reading this made my day! I am head over heels for CFTKR and feel like big treasures come in those brown boxes. I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

  4. Oh my goodness! The strawberry marshmallow looks AMAZING!! How cool! Looks like you got a lot of other great scents too!! :-)