Monday, March 23, 2015

Random Bathroom Basket Check-In

New smellies in the bathroom! Wanna see what masks the more unpleasant odors of life 'round these parts?

Scentsy- My Dear Watson

Scentsy- Sedona Sunset

Better Homes & Gardens- Valencia Blood Orange

Better Homes & Gardens- Sugared Lavender Twist

Glade- Blooming Peony & Cherry <3 gift

Up The Creek- Lavender Vanilla

Tiffany Candles- Rosemary Mint w/ Cactus & Sea Salt OP

Tiffany Candles- Serendipity Splash

Tiffany Candles- Tangerine

The Bathing Garden- Old Fashioned Valentine <3 gift

The Bathing Garden- The Hedge Maze <3 gift

The Bathing Garden- Sparkle and Spice <3 gift

The Bathing Garden- Spiced Cinnamon <3 gift

The Bathing Garden- Jack Frost <3 gift

The Bathing Garden- Ophelia in Gold <3 gift

Well. This month turned a lot more interesting than I anticipated as far as wax goes. Here is a recap of pending waxy orders from late February to now (really these are ALL my pending wax orders):

Rosegirls Mini Melt orders on February 25th and March 2nd (both 5 scents or less).
Beezy orders on March 5th. I placed two small ones. One has a dozen scent shots and the other 7 scent shots. 
Haley's Heavenly Scents sale order on the 14th, with 9 bags of scents, some prim words, some cupcakes, and some bundt cakes.
Vintage Chic Scents orders on the 20th, one a spring time sampler, and the other, one blossom bag and one flower 3-pack. 
Candles From the Keeping Room on the 21st times two as well. See a trend here? I am such a nut. I landed my first CFTKR candle and some amazing scents. So totally stoked about that one. 

I am excited that VCS and CFTKR are quicker TAT's and that the others will come a little later. Honestly, my wax bin levels are dipping quite a bit and could use some refreshing. Especially with all my up coming Spring Break melting. What orders have you placed this month? Anything you are particularly excited about arriving?


  1. Awesome pending orders and great bathroom picks! I can't wait to see your CFTKR goodies!!

    1. Thank you for the awesome TBG mini bundts <3 I have missed Shannon's tarts in my life.

      I am beyond excited for the CFTKR haul! The CNS came today!

  2. I am thankful for this list of nice smells that can cover up my boys bathroom. Can't wait to try these.

    1. I think you will like cactus and sea salt NaLonda! You enjoy the clean, fresh and oceanic scents :-) I will save some of these for you to try and mail them. <3

  3. So many great scents! And your pending orders sound awesome!

    I got a Bathing Garden package today -- so exciting! I actually only bought one clamshell of wax (which sounds insane, I know) -- it's amazing. The rest of the order was bath awesomeness -- 3 sugar scrubs, 1 whipped soap, and then some amazing samples. I love love love her items!

    Within the next month, I plan on placing orders with Rosegirls :) , Scentsy, and TDC -- and maybe more Bathing Garden for wax, as well as Tiffany. We shall see! :)

    1. Shannon really has the best scrubs! You are making me jones for some Bathing Garden staples. I really hope she restocks gardenia coconut cream and neroli orange blossom again. And sleepy. And flowers and frost.

      Your waxy plan sounds awesome! TDC, LPL, Shayz and Sugar & Spice keep calling out to me but Rosegirls and Glitterati have me next month for sure.