Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scentsy: End of Month Sale

Renee hosted an End-of-Month Sale at her home Friday, so I popped over after work and grabbed three tarts and one warmer (the warmer is for a buddy so I can't show it). These bars were $3.75 each. 

African Mahogany- "A crisp, outdoorsy fragrance combining precious woods with a hint of musk and amber." 
 A well done vanilla amber woods. Quite lovely.

Maui Mist- "Creamy bouquet of rose, lilac, wood and musk drizzled with creamy vanilla."
These notes merge to create an alluring tropical coconut destination fragrance. Not too cloying and very well blended.

Spiced Grapefruit- "Sweet with a little tang, the aroma of mandarins offers a clear, juicy orange note while bitter bergamot adds intensity and a little Mediterranean zest. The assertive citrus pairing is mellowed with allspice, nutmeg, and coriander, warming spices that round out the fragrance profile."
What a description! Yes, spiced citrus- strong, sweet and delicious!

GUYS! I was sniffing Renee's scent testers for the new bars coming out for Spring/Summer and Bonfire Beach is a dupe for BBW Marshmallow Fireside! I can't say how close it is or well it throws, but I will be buying it next month. Coconut is the scent trend and there were many yummy blends done with it. 

Have you checked out the new Scentsy scents? Have you tried any of these BBMB? 


  1. Fun!!! That spiced grapefruits sounds amazing! I am going to place an order with your friend tomorrow -- need to get paid, or I would have done it before now.

    1. Money is the only thing that limits my wax collecting. And the husband. And space. Ok, so there are many limiting factors but it is fun to find new fragrances :-)

  2. OK -- I just went back and re-read descriptions. THEY ALL SOUND AWESOME. I want all the wax! LOLOLLLLL :D

  3. I've never tried Scentsy. Please let me know how the throw is!!

    1. Will do!! I usually get nice throw from my favorite Scentsy fragrances using their warmers in my guest bathroom and the girls' rooms. But hot plates generally don't work well with Scentsy in my experience.