Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Melting Basket 31

Wax tarts from my last basket I would buy again include: RG Sugared Jasmine, RG American Cream, RG Spearmint Snow Taffy, TDC Honey Lemon, BHG Pink Sugar Berry, CFTKR Strawberry Spruce, Alamo Havana, LSC Snicklefritz and Caramel Drizzle Cookie. 

I want to talk about the Mini Melters for a second. I really enjoyed pairing Sugared Jasmine and American Cream together, but more importantly I really enjoy them on their own as well. Tobacco and Blackberry Amber melded nicely together too, but I did not include them on my "buy again" above because I would rather have them blended in a custom order of muffins with Twilight Woods or Vanilla Musk added. I am finding some scents I like in blends, I am not as enthusiastic about as single scents. Have you played with Mini Melters lately? What are some combos you are loving?

The contents of this basket I am about to melt include:

Up The Creek Scents- American Cream Pink Sugar Marshmallow Bean Noel FINALLY!!!
Alamo Candelaria- Fraser's Ridge
Alamo Candelaria- La Dame Blanche
Glitterati- Blackberry Plumberry Raspberry Sangria
Rosegirls- Sweet Lemon Confection, Pink Sugar, Gilligan's Brew
Rosegirls- Strawberry Raspberry Guava and Blonde Moment
Rosegirls- Cherry Berry Punch Lemonade
Rosegirls- Koop Troopa Assault
Rosegirls- Alice in Wonderland
Rosegirls- Save the Drama for Your Mama <3 gift
Rosegirls- Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie/Florida Key Lime Pie/Ice Cream Scoop Bread <3 gift
CFTKR- Spun Peppermint
CFTKR- Pink Sugared Violets
CFTKR- Cane Sugar Cookie
CFTKR- Lavender Cream Peppermint
CFTKR- Spun Rainbow Sherbet
CFTKR- Chocolate Orchid <3 gift
CFTKR- Sea Salt & Yuzu
CFTKR- Secret Wonderland

Bright, fruity and floral are the name of the game this week. Too ready for punchy and perky scents. Please let me know if you are curious about any of the above, I will review it just for you.

So Easter is hopping right along. I sadly have very few Easter decorations. Easter in our home tends to focus more on spiritual gifts than bunnies. The girls do get a basket Easter morning, but from us not a bunny- in celebration of the gifts we were given by God, especially the biggest one.

The Dollar Tree had lots of cute things, but in the end I chose the hanging crosses.The egg wreath was a gift from Aunt Portia, I think she got it at Walmart, where she works. I put it up every year. It has tiny lights in it, but I am not sure if you can see them.

Our old entertainment center and tube TV's are finally out of the house! The Johnsons have their first flat screens. In 2015. We just wanted to wait until the technology was perfected ;-) But now I am not sure where I will hang our Christmas stockings. Oops. 

Any fun Easter plans? Mine include making those November cakes again and smashing cascarones on as many heads I can reach. 


  1. I had to look up 'cascarones.' What cave have I been living in?? Post about these, please. =)

    I have very few Easter decorations these days. My tastes with those have changed just like my tastes with my old Christmas decorations. I had a ton of cute stuffed bunnies and chicks and lambs, but now I feel I want more 'substantial' things. So in the meantime, I have very few things.

    No big Easter plans here but I'm still excited for it.

    Waxwise, I've been working my way through out Muffin Club muffins but haven't been melting much otherwise. Often lately, it's only been one muffin, divided up, and nothing else the rest of the day. *sigh*


    1. Sure!! We love smashing these on each other's heads ever year!

      I kinda wish I had more Easter decor too. But we really don't have much storage space in our house unless it goes in the attic.

      Muffin Club muffins are fun to melt! They are probably one of my most exciting wax events. I am happy to see you are enjoying them :-)

  2. Do you and your girls make cascarones? I have never made them, but they are a big thing for summertime Fiesta in Santa Barbara, CA, where I used to live. I never saw them in Florida when I lived there! :D

    Your basket looks amazing! Enjoy!

    1. We don't make them but we do buy them. I thinking that would be a fun activity though. I had some students make more traditional ones for an FFA contest with flowers and such inside. They actually sell them in Walmart for only $2 or so for a dozen.

      I am excited to start melting a lot of these!