Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Astrid Perfume: Bath Treats

Astrid Perfume, formerly Blooddrop Perfume, makes on of my favorite bath time ritual products... Froth. When Astrid of Astrid Perfume announced a pre-order for some bath time goodies I was trying to pinch some pennies so I only picked up one Froth and one Bath Salt. During the pre-order process she mentioned that sales were low and she might not produce the bath products again. Insert sad face here. So I will use what I have and be happy that I got what I did.

Undo Bath Salt Soak is a relaxing blend of lavender, chamomile, peppermint and black pepper with a few other herbs thrown in. These salts made for a truly soothing bath with a skin softening and muscle relaxing effect. I will be running through this bottle in about a week I think. Especially with trying to sell the house and having to keep it clean for a showing just about every other day. Kicking myself for not buying more of these.

This particular Froth is scented in Lavender and Vanilla. I am a sucker for milk baths ever since I was gifted a Haunt milk bath product long ago. Astrid's milk bath is amazing. It froths up on the surface of the bath water and makes for a hazy and nourishing bath experience. It is like bathing in silk. The lavender and vanilla fragrance is mellow and creamy. A dream to slip away into before bedtime.

Astrid was very generous and included this Lotus Serum face oil as a freebie in the bath product orders. I am blown away by her kindness. I had made a bone head move and picked the wrong shipping but she was polite and provided good customer service through the kerfuffle. Anyway, I am almost 2/3 of the way through my current face serum but I look forward to trying this one out. It is loaded with skin pampering ingredients like rice bran and kukui oils, squalene, lotus extract, green tea and ginseng to name a few. I will report back once I add it to my rotation. 

Are you loving anything in particular in your bath lately? How about skin care? 

We had an offer on the home and another showing for this Saturday so things are picking up. The girls both got into the public Montessori school we applied to so that was a huge blessing. Thank you for your kind words and well wishes. Pieces of our next adventure are beginning to fall into place one part at a time. <3

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