Friday, April 12, 2019

Femme Fatale: Obscurus Wax Tart

Femme Fatale is an Australian based webstore that curates a collection of talented indie vendors and sells their wares. From cosmetics to bath and body to home fragrance and nail polish. Femme Fatale runs a monthly Indie Pickup page that features themed products. 

The month of May will be themed after those fun 80's scratch n' sniff stickers and today I have the home fragrance component to share with you: Obscurus' (aptly named) Scratch 'n Sniff!

Scratch 'n Sniff- Notes: A juicy delight of boysenberry, pink berries, pineapple, sea salt, mandarin, mango, citrus and melon.

A sweet melange of bright, tart and vivid fruits swirl about like a flavorful sorbet. Oranges and the peach-like nectar of mangos are lifted by an airy aquatic breeze and rounded out with honeydew and cantaloupes. This tart is a tropical fruit forward aroma that smells incredibly summer-like and fun. It gives the impression of all those fruity stickers mixing their perfume in their cellophane package just waiting to be opened.

The colors in this soy based tart match those fun stickers too. 

This tart threw in my kitchen and large living area at about a medium-strong scent level. Very nice. Uplifting and pleasant.

These tarts will be for sale May 4th 1am AEST- May 7th 1pm AEST via the Pickup site I linked above (no affiliate link). 

Are you melting any summery scents? What fruits are your favorite in wax?


  1. That's some fun looking wax!

    Lemon is my favorite fruit in wax, followed by apples during the fall season. I've been trying to melt some more fruity scents as spring rolls in but I'm not finding many in the retail options that I like. Even the lemon ones I find are mixed with other notes that make me skip it. Oh! I like coconut too. :)


    1. It was fun! I really enjoyed melting it. Sad it is gone now LOL! I am coming around to more lemons too. They are just so bright and cheery. Fruity scents in general can be really awful sometimes, right? Artificial or syrupy sweet or just plain yuck. Coconut. Rosegirls still has my all-time favorite coconut scent out there to date. Gilligan's Brew.

  2. What an amazingly fun sounding collection, I love it!!
    And that wax is beautiful. <3
    I've been melting a couple beach-y type blends.. anticipating the next The Bathing Garden collection, coming soon.
    It still is so chilly here that I'm still not melting anything too lively. We finally had a nice day or 2 last week and then it snowed again a few days later. :/
    I can pretty much count on coconut for fruity scents that I love. I like some citrus, lemon, lime stuff, (those are my favorite real life fruit flavors), but it's not consistent in wax.
    I want to find some good, unique banana blends.
    Fruity is the hardest scent category for me to enjoy. I do like fruits here and there in blends, but not often. But, you know, in real life I don't eat much fruit or really care for fruity stuff, so it makes sense it's not my thing in wax form either. :)

    1. Ah. The Bathing Garden. I have a whole cart of nothing but mint and lavender blends but not knowing when we are moving is making me crazy. Oh no!! That weather sounds crazy. I guess melting coconut and lime in the snow would be a bit incongruous.
      I hear ya on the banana blends. I used to hate them but then I had RG Banana Fluff Puffs and Donkey Kong Destruction and they were both amazing. But then that is it.
      Same. Fruits are truly hit or miss for me both in wax and in personal scents. Just not something I gravitate towards.