Friday, April 19, 2019

Murava Ceramics: Amanita Mushroom Spoon

My friend Susie posted a photo the other day of one of her coffee mugs and I noticed that right beside it was the most stinkin' adorable mushroom spoon I had ever laid eyes on. Thankfully Susie is a savvy social media queen and loves to support artisans like I do and she linked the maker in her post. The maker was Victoria Khostsianvich who uses her Etsy store called Murava Ceramics based out of Belarus. The spoons were made to order and estimated to take 4-6 weeks. Mine came right at one month. It was packed very well. Actually, quite beautifully. The brown box tied with string was wrapped in bubble wrap and sent in a bubble mailer. How adorable is it?

The spoon itself was snug in a blanket of grasses and leaves. Now I have a small piece of Belarus of my own. <3 

The spoon emits a rustic appeal with its antiqued patina and old-world charm. The detailing is charming.

There is a hole towards the top that can be run through with cording in order to hang the spoon. It came with a tag that had a wonderful thank you note attached. 

My new coffee spoon is pure magic. It will rest beside my Coffee-Mate for years and years to come. If I was an Egyptian Pharaoh I would want to be buried with it so I could stir my coffee in the afterlife with it. 

I am smitten. 

Now I kinda want a gnome themed kitchen. Poor Adam. I really put him through the wringer. 


  1. Not anonymous, Sandra here. :) I'm a pervert, so I won't tell you the two things I thought your spoon was before I figured out it was a spoon. ;) They say you can't take it with you, but you'll prove them wrong! Geez, your pyramid is going to have to be GIGANTIC. :)

    1. Hahahahaaa! The red tip set you off or was it the mushroom shape? Perhaps a combo of both?

      Naaaaahhhhh. I am under no delusions that I can take it with me when I am gone but dagnabbit, I WILL enjoy myself with the things I have right now and then maybe if I am lucky one of my daughters or their own kids will want to use some of my junk down the road. Otherwise it will be one eclectic yard sale somewhere in the future. <3 It will be looking like the estate sale of a witch or fairy.