Thursday, April 4, 2019

Arcana Wildcraft: Quick Bright Things & The Huntress

Arcana Wildcraft Quick Bright Things- Notes: Sweet lavender absolute, French vanilla, wild orange, ruby grapefruit, sandalwood, amber resin, a dash of cognac and a hint of green violet leaf absolute. 
In the bottle lies a dreamy mixture perfect for summertime: melting vanilla and orange Dreamcicles and sugared lavender buds. Hyppo gourmet ice pops should make this a flavor- lavender and blood orange sorbet swirled with vanilla bean custard. Oh my. Dabbed onto the wrists the same scent lifts up then the lavender truly spouts into a field of purple spikes that sway under the beat of tiny fairy wings. Julia crafts magic with her lavender notes, this one is earthen, piney and a smidge smoky. The citrus glints in the aroma like sunset hued fireflies sparking above the lavender fields. A grounding of smooth woods and resins enrich the perfume and lend the Quick Bright Things that flutter within the scent a stillness and a quiet place to land. This is a beautiful perfume that wears easily in spring and summer time. I will be keeping this one out so I can wear it often these next few weeks.

Arcana Wildcraft The Huntress- Notes: Sweet clove, black pepper, aromatic mint, blood orange and a whiff of her sacred oak groves. *All natural*
My sweet friend Jean talked to me about this particular scent. I love all natural perfumes and Julia has quite a few in her repertoire. This one and Herne are currently available and for some reason I always think of these two as a pair. I recently picked up Herne but today is all about The Huntress. Diana, to me. Based on her notes alone I was a touch leery to try her but since my friend Jean has great taste and Julia is a master perfumer I figured I had better get over my apprehension of mints and fruits being combined. I am so happy I did. The Huntress is superb. She opens with a wild and feral sighting of succulent sweet oranges chased by clove that zings with licorice and cooling spearmint. For being as raucous as it is, The Huntress remains surprisingly grounded. The base of oak leaves hints at a crisp dry wooden foundation where discarded bows and half fletched arrow shafts pile like small pyres and altars in the grove. A soft spore of smoke leads like a trail of will-o-wisps into the dark gathering of trees under a peppered moon. The Huntress is invigorating and wanton, she makes me want to be buffeted by spring breezes or walk barefoot through piles of brackish leaves. She is a true siren and a natural beauty.

The Huntress is for sale right now at Arcana Wildcraft. Julia has also released new classics and a couple new layering notes. I did pick up some goodies myself. I keep waffling about Ganesh. Should I get it?

Hey! Check out my pink poppy! This was the first one to bloom from this specific poppy plant but since this photo three more have bloomed and about four more are getting ready to. I have been taking more solace in my garden and buying more seeds here and there online. So far I have picked seeds up from: Botanical Interests, BBB Seeds, Sustainable Seed Co., Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Renee's Garden. Do you have a favorite place to buy rare or heirloom seeds or just seeds in general? I do have a ton from the Dollar Tree that I love too.


  1. Beautiful! My favorite places to get seeds are Baker Creek, Seed Savers Exchange, and Botanical Interests. I've had great success from all of their seeds. I also love Seeds from Italy. They specialize in Italian brands of seeds, so you get amazing European varieties. Baker Creek is deeply committed to heirlooms, and also do seed bank saving from Iraq and now Syria, where the heirlooms have been destroyed by war and (in the case of Iraq), the Monsanto contracts that have wiped out local seeds for their gross generic crops. Seed Savers and Botanical Interests also have awesome heirlooms. I've had luck with many companies' seeds, but those are my favorites. When you get settled into your new home, sign up to get the seed catalogues from Baker Creek and Seed Savers - I love to just read them and it really helps for planning the garden! I used to get seeds from a few vendors on Etsy, but I haven't looked for some years now, as Baker Creek is my main go-to.

    1. Oooo! Thank you, Nancy!!! I am writing these down in my journal to check out. I see that Baker Creek catalog for this year is sold out but I will be putting in for the 2020 one soon. (Looks weird to type 2020) I am really loving the extra thought and detail and information provided by Botanical Interests. I spent a nice chunk of time just reading the backs of the seed packets and I see they include even more info inside. I had no idea about the background of some of these companies but it is very intriguing. Especially since I was definitely educated in college from a farmer-biased slant in agriculture. It helps me to see both sides better.I absolutely am looking forward to planning and planting my gardens now that I know I can do it from my experimental play this past year. I had no idea Etsy sold seeds but I guess that shouldn't come as a surprise. They sell everything! Thanks for the recs! Having fun making my list. I definitely want to plant some mammoth sunflowers where ever we go next.