Saturday, January 4, 2020

Melting Basket 148: First Basket of 2020

Wax from the Christmas basket that I loved: Sea Witch Botanicals Wolf Night, CFTKR Winter Flannel, Balsam and Citrus and Blue Spruce and Frosted Pine Noel.

Bohemienne Life- Haystacks and Bonfires
Bohemienne Life- Ma Lionne
Southbound- Blackberry Sugared Violet <3 gift
Obscurus- Medeina
Ten Digit Creations- Apple Pecan Sage/Gingerbread/Wood Spice
Ten Digit Creations- Caramel Apple/Marshmallows By The Fire/Sandalwood Marshmallow
Sniff My Tarts- Cotton Candy Frosting/Elderberry/Elderflower and Spritz Poptail/Fizzy Pop
Rosegirls- Cranberry Macintosh Donut Holes
Rosegirls- Blueberry Lemon Mousse Cake
Rosegirls- Huckleberry Cheesecake
CFTKR- Candy Corn Birthday Cake
CFTKR- Pumpkin Peppercorn
CFTKR- Country Charm
CFTKR- Strawberry Pine
CFTKR- Witches Brew and Pumpkin Stew

I was having a broad range of interests, scent-wise, so I loaded up the basket with all sorts of goodies.

This new year has rolled in mild. I have had a cough and cold but overall I have enjoyed my time at home. I finally got the sunroom cleaned up and organized. I got a few new plants in the yard. I am most excited about the huge flock of robins that hung out in the backyard a couple days ago. I even spied my first Cedar Wax Wing here in Florida. 

I am going to try my best to blog a couple times a week for the first half of the year while I am exploring my job possibilities. I know things have been very, very slow around here but I do still get happiness from blogging so I am loathe to give it up. Thank you for hanging in with me.

As usual it is time for me to think about some things I would like to do this year. I am not much for resolutions but I do have some goals. 

2020 Bucket List:
- Walk the neighborhood a few times a week
- Visit Merritt Island bird sanctuary
- Begin some raised beds
- Build a chicken coop
- Bake those cinnamon rolls
- Many moments in front of the flickering fireplace
- Swim in the pool as often as possible
- Take the girls to a play or concert
- Plan a trip to Discovery Cove
- Watch a show at the Garden Theater
- Brew fire cider tonic
- Three random acts of kindness
- St. Augustine with the family

What plans do you have for this year? My sister is getting married in Las Vegas so the girls will get to see the desert for the first time. Adam has a business trip in Colorado and he is taking me. I am stoked to see the mountains and go snowmobiling. And we are hoping to take the girls on a cruise this summer to Mexico. 2020 will be fun. With lots of reading and planting and perfume wearing and wax melting. I hope to buy less and enjoy more. But of course, a few perfumes and waxes here and there are to be expected. How about you?


  1. Please let me know how that SMT blend is!! It sounds potentially uniquely fabulous. Also, how that Candy Corn Birthday Cake is warmed. Candy Corn sounds absolutely terrible in wax, but for some reason, I definitely want to try a candy corn blend or two in the future. Lol
    Great photos. Beautiful ladies you have there. Your upcoming trips sound wonderful and I hope they turn out to be. :)
    I'm not making official resolutions, but I'm going to try something new.. maybe little, doable monthly goals. A handful of things I need to do, would like to do or see get done finally, but for some reason I just never accomplish and I'm sick of feeling I'm always coming up short. So, we'll see how I do for the month of January. See if it's a good goal setting program for myself. I'm excited.
    We got a resurgence of our head/chest colds. I can't say we've been 100% since Thanksgiving. So, that's super duper lame, but I'm trying to take care of us as best as I can!

    1. It ended up being really good!! It was strong, fruity and fizzy but that elderflower added a little bit of extra something special to it. I would blend it again. I melted the candy corn birthday cake (it was kinda plastic and "meh" on cold sniff but I held out hope when warmed) it ended up warming better than the cold sniff but it was pretty much just a vanilla scent to my nose. Nothing hollered out candy corn.

      Thank you! I always suck at resolutions. And I almost never completely accomplish my goals but setting them in and of itself usually gives me some type of guidance and makes me feel good when I do cross one off. I hope your mini goals are reached!!! Even if only one is that is pretty cool.

      I hear ya on not feeling 100% healthy. Adam has had a fever the past three days and now Scarlette does. We took her to the doctor and she has the flu. I have so many students out sick right now. This is one bad cold and flu season for sure. I hope you guys get to feeling better soon.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I don't really have *real* new year resolutions, other than 1) eat healthier, 2) buy less and use more, 3) learn, learn, learn.
    I hope 2020 treats you well!

    1. Thank you!! I LOVE your resolutions!!! I want to do those three things very much too. <3 Cheers to a simple and healthy 2020.

  3. Glad to see those cinnamon buns made the cut again. ;) But seriously, dude, yeast baking is HARD. And not just on the forearms! I *did* recently master, if I might be so bold in saying, pan pizza dough, but you're screwed if you wake up in the morning and think, "I'd like pizza tonight." It's delicious and ultimately so worth it, but you've got to start it 24 hours in advance, so there's zero spontaneity with this one! Friggin' yeast baking, why do you have to be so difficult?

    I've got a couple of resolutions this year, mostly of the "better yourself" variety. I really need to get out more, and face my life in a more direct, head-on manner. Also cut out Starbucks and CNN, because they both fill me with anxiety and rage. So, you know, totally easy stuff!

    1. Yes!! I have tinkered with yeast a few times before but only with the November Cakes recipe that I love. I am ready to try my hand at something new and I want it to be cinnamon rolls. Your pizza dough sounds good though. I will have to ask you for it. Sometimes the thing that takes 24 hours to make is the best dangest thing to eat. Bettering yourself is a noble effort. I like to think some of my goals will help in bettering myself too. I won't cut out Starbucks (I don't really go all that often so it is a nice treat) and I don't watch any news but I do know I need to walk outside more and eat more veggies. <3 Here's to less anxiety and rage, my friend! And hope you are enjoying your new nest.