Friday, January 31, 2020

Ebb & Flow: January 2020

The highs and lows of the month.

Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles

Perfume Oil:
Whisper Sisters Dark Frankincense and Cedar

Bohemienne Life Arrogant Bastard

Body Oil:
Aftelier Patchouli Spice Hair and Body Oil

Skin Care:
Aftelier Honeysuckle Face Elixir

Future Primitive Conditioning Shampoo Bar
Future Primitive Hair Rinse in Sylph

Sihaya & Company Vanilla Amber 

The Bathing Garden Deadly Sleeping Draught

Many Moon Lunar Planner

Ashley Weber crystal point necklace

Coffee with cream and cardamom

Junk, like jalapeno cheddar cheese puffs and Nerds Ropes. Please save me from myself.

The Binding by B. R. Collins

Austin Powers movies while we eat dinner. The girls are disgusted yet fascinated.

Leonard Cohen on Pandora while I get ready for work. 

Finding new plants to add to my yard.

Celebrating Savanna turning 13, throwing a bridal shower for Heather with my sister Lindsey, planning the trip to Vegas for Heather's wedding in April, and the results of my test that I will take tomorrow for a new subject area to teach.

Nothing. Just have a lot of tasks to do. 

Loving the results of the more natural skin care regime I have. The oils and acids are really making my skin soft. I am currently using both the Blood Moon Botanica Moon Dew hyaluronic acid and the Aftelier Face Elixir.

I miss blogging. I am just so wiped by the end of the day I simply cook dinner, water my plants, get in my pjs and then snuggle in bed with a book, shower, sleep.

 Just the chaos of flu season and having sickness run amok. 

Feeling more relaxed about my future. Taking control of my feelings, gaining perspectives. 

How are you doing? Is your 2020 going well?


  1. Ooh, the Lunar Planner is pretty! I am extremely nosy about other people's planners lol! How are you putting the cardamom in your coffee?
    I'm still trying to get my bearings for 2020 but feeling like things are going in the right direction, mostly.

    1. I am really liking it. I am using it to track my monthlies too. A couple years ago I had bought and was using some cardamom I picked up in Amish country in Ohio. It was divine. Like a blending of soft nutmeg and white pepper. When it ran out I picked up some run-of-the-mill cardamom from Walmart... tasted like ginger and was really harsh. I was sad. I went to a farmer's market and saw a guy selling whole cardamom pods. I picked up some and now I grind about 4-5 pods in my mortar and dump it in my coffee. It tastes much better than the Walmart version but not quite as mild and smooth as the cardamom from Ohio. I might have to do the nerd thing and look for various cardamoms online.

      I am happy hearing that 2020 is going well for you so far. I am feeling like things are going to be good this year. <3 Hoping it will be for you too!

  2. I love Ebb and Flow! I copied Minethis idea for my Bullet Journal! (abbreviated)
    Scent: Peaches Crave Haint, Arcana
    Reading: about the Enneagram
    High: visiting Boston and moving there soon
    Low: more limbo time between moves.
    Planner: Bullet Journal

    1. Thank you Brooke!! I love your idea of making it into a bullet journal entry. I will try that out one month!

      And thank you for sharing your highs. <3 Arcana makes incredible scents. I think I will take another page out of your book and wear my Strawberries Crave Waterfalls tomorrow to work. My oldest daughter and I loved Boston!! Such a neat place with so much to do and see. Tons of history. Happy moving!!! Will you be visiting Salem when you move there?

      I hate, hate, hate the limbo of moving. What an awful feeling when something so important is out of your hands. We almost lost our dream house that we fought hard to find due to the process dragging out. Hoping yours goes smoothly. <3

    2. Thanks for the well wishes! We did visit Salem-it was intense and brought up a lot of feelings. On a lighter note, I ordered Strawberries Crave Waterfalls and am veeeery excited!

    3. We went for the first time with my girls and it was such an amazing place.

      I loved wearing Strawberries Crave Waterfalls! I hope you like it too! xoxo

  3. Don't feel badly about being off your blogging, although I get that feeling of missing it. I've continued off and on, but unfortunately more off than on - I think I got out maybe just three posts in December and five in January. It'll come back organically when things are a little less busy and preoccupied in your life.

    1. I am hoping it does swing back to being a more regular part of my life. I worry that sometimes this is showing me I need to give it up, but then I don't want to really. Then I feel guilty for not really carving out time for it. I am going to take a deep breath and let the cards fall where they may and pick it back up when I can. Thanks for the perspective. Hope you and your new home are well!!! Adam and I are getting excited for our tax return so we can replace the 40 year old water heater. :-) And also hoping to fix a few things with the pool. Any home chores/wishes/to-dos on your list?

    2. I feel exactly the same way about blogging - coulda, shoulda, woulda. But it's worth letting ourselves off the hook a bit simply by recognizing that we've been blogging a long time now - five years, six, closing in on seven for me next Fall. We've talked about EVERYTHING. It can be hard to find new content, even if you're mining your own life for it.

      Ooh, hot water know you've gotten old when the thought of a functioning one is kind of a turn-on! See also laundry machines, vacuum cleaners or anything else you would have been horrified to have received as a child. My mom always says she wishes she hadn't had to spend the money for it in the first place, but that the best, most pride-inducing thing they did for their house was have insulation blown into the attic. Like, that's kind of hot for her!

      I really need to take some photos of our place and send them to you. It's actually in pretty good shape, mostly just needs some cosmetic adjustments (having said all that, the main bathroom needs a reno sooner rather than later - not too keen to get back into plumbing-based renos, let me tell you.) But so far we've done things like take down the hodge podge of curtains and their brackets, replaced the brown plastic (yeesh) knobs on the doors with heavy matte black guys, put in a new door between the house and the garage because the old one was beaten up and didn't have a lock on it (seriously; I'm all for not locking yourself away from the world, but I AM all about locking my house away from the world.) What are you thinking about doing to your pool? Does the pool itself need help, or the landscaping and such around it?

    3. You are right about content. I have dreams of reviewing every perfume I own but then I look at my collection and realize that I have not even scratched the surface. That is a lot of content right there, but then I doubt many folks come here to read perfume thoughts.

      I acknowledge my oldness with aplomb. You must be a mind reader because a vacuum is next on the list too. LOL with your mom! Insulation, the gift that keeps on giving.

      I would love to see your home! Plastic door knobs?? I never even knew that was a thing. Ours is the old brown 80's tile in the bathrooms with grout that looks like it lived its past life as mortar in the Colosseum. Locks are a must. We had our first house fight when Adam sent out a locksmith to change the locks and he wanted an ESTIMATE and I had not heard that vital word so when the guy told me the cost I just gave him the go-ahead. Adam was not a happy camper.

      The pool has some gears and things that need to be replaced so that it vacuums itself. It is about $800 worth of work but in the long run it needs to be done.

  4. Yikes, flu season is getting scarier by the day. Hope you have come out on the healthier side. Knock on wood, we've avoided it so far.
    I'm looking forward to getting to The Binding, perhaps this summer. And I miss blogging and our conversations too❤

    1. It truly is. Adam mentioned he isn't feeling well today when he woke up and is blaming it on the sick guy he was sitting next to on the flight over here to Colorado. Yikes. I tried to talk him into taking some Emergen-C or something but he is feeling rather defeatist about it at the moment. I am glad you have remained healthy!! I hope you continue to do so. I have been lucky in only having a few colds here and there.

      The Binding was so very good (IMO). I put it back on the shelf so I could read it again one day knowing what I know now about what all was going on. I think it will add significance to many parts I may have missed. I am hoping over spring break to catch up on all my favorite blogs so be looking out for comments from me. :-)