Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sihaya & Company: Winter Box

This box was provided free from Sihaya & Company in exchange for photographs.

The Winter Box: Once Upon A Winter Sky from Sihaya & Company was thoughtfully stuffed with a beautiful assortment of hand crafted and artisan items to create a snug and cheerful wintertime experience. 

To kick it off, a sparkling pair of night-sky inspired earrings from Wyrding Studios dangled in the crinkle paper. Their silver and indigo colors shone delicately with curled silver wire and jewels. Scarlette claimed these beauties for herself once she saw them.

Firebird bath and body featured their lotion in Counting Stars- with notes of dry leaves, pine needles, smoky campfire, chilly night air, and a warm woolen blanket. I have used Firebird products in the past and have always been happy with them. Their lotions absorb easily and are perfect for spring and summer skin needs, imparting delicious scents and light and airy moisturizing. This is non-greasy and soothing. Counting Stars is a wonderful campfire scent with light smokiness accompanied by crisp fall leaves and the subtle scent of dirt roads that meander through woods. I love pairing this with my Solstice Scents Foxcroft. 

Another favorite indie bath and body vendor that I enjoy is in this box too, B. Perry Studios with a bar soap in Goldstone. Notes of burning pine and birch embers, black berries, sweet clementine and bright lemon make for a lovely soap. It is surprisingly fresh and virile but not smoky or sweet. I love how Brooke's soaps lather so beautifully and rinse cleanly. The blue ombre effect brings to mind the layers of the night sky as the sunsets low and the stars slowly emerge. 

I always look forward to the perfume that is included in the Sihaya boxes. This beauty from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is called Auriga, with notes of starry white vegetal musk, cold winter wind blowing through olive blossom, sweet labdanum, fossilized amber resin, fir needle, fern, balm melissa, champaca, cypress, and white cedar. From the bottle rises pale flowers and watery musk with swollen ivory tubers and roots pushing along the base. On the skin the champaca flower blooms with paper white bulb headiness and sunflower sunniness. It is braced by evergreens and ferns in a green fougere haze. As it dries down the dark ambers lend a velvety space for the fougere to rest against. This is a beautifully rendered perfume and it will wear well with age.

This isn't my first round with the divine chocolates that Immortal Mountain Chocolates crafts. After having a yummy minty chocolate bar from them lsat year I purchased a handful of other bars from their Etsy store. They are very nice. Smooth, dark and flavorful with a velvety mouthfeel. The bar included in this box is Wandering Star Cacao which contains flavors of star anise, goji berries, ginger root, astragalus root, and reishi mushroom. The combination of flavors is exotic, spices and faraway fruits that taste of bazaars and the earthy tang of edible fungus.

Each Sihaya box comes with a Sihaya candle and they never disappoint. These burn evenly with time and do require wick trimming but they burn strong and smell lovely with a good throw. 

Once Upon A Winter Sky- Notes: Iced pear, frozen cranberry, vanilla sugar, frosty melon, wintery woods, starry night musk. 

I enjoyed burning this one on my nightstand this winter. The spiced fruits and fresh woods along with the deep and dark musk made for a wonderful bedroom scent. The cranberries and pear and melons merged into a sweetly romantic aroma. The tartness of the cranberries and the deep woodsy musk set this scent apart from others I have been melting and burning recently. I loved it so much I bought another one on the Indie Polish Pick Up.

Sihaya and Company boxes are always a pleasure to experience. They make exquisite gifts, especially to those who appreciate handcrafted and artisan products centered around a cohesive theme. The boxes cost $65 and are always valued at more.

Are you burning candles? What perfumes are you wearing?


  1. The chocolate sounds amazing! Wow! And that candle is stunning. You captured it so beautifully. <3
    I've been so lax on candle burning. My husband lit a Nag Champa one last weekend, (I most prefer that scent in Summer). I thought I'd blow it out in no time, but actually it was wonderful even though it's cold Winter. Ha! So, that was unexpected and delightful.
    Perfume wearing is almost always Solstice Scents.
    My new Lush Fantabulosa perfume has been spritzed dang plenty already.
    I've finally been getting around to sampling a huge bag of Sephora sample vials I've had for years. Wearing other designer perfumes from my collection I've had for years and years, but haven't worn ever since I got into all the indie perfume.
    Lots of fun. I enjoy perfume so much.

    Hope your family is doing well and all that flu business is a thing of the past by now. :)

    1. They make incredible chocolate flavors.

      I love that you enjoyed the nag champa in winter. Sometimes I like to shake things up and wear honeysuckle or other blowsy florals in winter that I normally wear in summer. Or pines in summer. It makes for a cool sensory experience.

      I find myself reaching for Solstice Scents EDPs more and more often. I sprayed Hidden Lodge on yesterday and it was divine.

      What does Fantabulosa smell like? I am so far removed from Lush since the absence of my tub. I think I would weep seeing all those gorgeous bath bombs if I went in store.

      ANy of the samples standing out to you?? I wore some Serge for the first time in ages this past month and fell in love all over again. <3 Now I need to break out my Coromadel.

      Thank you! I hope it is past too and doesn't make a revisit for those of us who didn't get it. Yikes. Hope you and yours are well too!! xoxo

  2. Fantabulosa notes are violet leaf, labdanum, seaweed, oakmoss, banana.. it smells like a mossy, earthy dank banana scent.
    The samples I came upon were mostly Jo Malone, Tom Ford, Elizabeth & James and Atelier Cologne vials. I still have a few more to try, but Tom Ford Oud Wood I'm really liking.
    Sorry it took me so long to reply. :P Hope February's been treating you well!

    1. That sounds gorgeous! I also bet I would love sniffing that Tom Ford Oud Wood. I might see if I can track some down.