Monday, January 6, 2020

Mintie Bean: Winter Wax Collection

These wax tarts were sent gratis from Mintie Bean. All opinions are my own.

Some more adorable and wonderfully smelling Mintie Bean wax tarts landed in my mail box recently and I couldn't wait to melt them and chat about them. This time I have the (much more affordable) USD amounts listed with each tart. There will also be a 30% sale coming up tomorrow, coupon code will be at the end of the post. 

Ginger Joy- Notes: Oatmeal cookies, brown sugar, melted caramels, pumpkin gingerbread, and cinnamon. $2.80
This is yummy. It is a more bakery thick twist on a traditional gingerbread scent and I would love to be able to eat something as divine as this smells. The pumpkin rich gingerbread is warm with spice and chewy like a soft vanilla cookie. He threw strong in the kitchen area and smelled amazing.

Peppermintie- Notes: Peppermint, sweet cream, black licorice, candied citrus, and malted sugar. $4.90
A unique scent that swirls about with sweet candied black licorice that holds a touch of bubble gum and a refreshing coolness from the mint. I cut the cloud shaped tart in half and melted in it my bedroom. It threw medium-strong to strong and made for a relaxing environment for bedtime.

Sugar Snow- Notes: Fir needle, mulberry, green leaves, strawberry jam, rose, and vanilla. $4.90
I love the complexity of this scent. It reminds me of a more floral and evergreen laden Rose Jam fragrance. It is juicy with the mulberries but also has a musky greenness with the leaves. It is lovely.

Snow Much Fun- Notes: Dew drops, sugared strawberries, honeydew, cucumber, velvet moss, and heather. 
Snow Much Fun was an Indie Pick Up limited scent but will be made for sale again via Femme Fatale mid-year and will be around $6.30. It is a limpid and dewy strawberry floral with watery cucumber and honeydew to calm and cool the moss and heather. It will make for a wonderful spring scent. Fresh and serene.

Tinsel in a Tangle- Notes: Mistletoe, ivy, cedar, frosted musk, cranberry, rosewood, and evergreen. $5.60
Bright, almost citrusy flavored cranberries accent lemony woods and lush green garlands. It is an electric scent, pomegranate and emerald. This is Christmas time but in technicolor instead of Crayola reds and greens. I love this.

Stocking Stuffer- Notes: Christmas pudding, vanilla ice cream, sugared apples, caramel, orange, and nuts. $6.30
Mmmmmm... the vanilla in this is incredible. The apples, oranges and nuts are in the background and simply round this out because it is the Christmas pudding and ice cream that really steal the show. If this was a dessert I would need the recipe.

Waffle On- Notes: Maple syrup, honey, glazed citrus, black currants, nutmeg, plum, and nuts. $4.90
I was a touch worried about the currants as they can be a bit screamy to my nose but in this blend I swear they take on a cherry tobacco flavor. This will probably sound strange but I get a Santa's Pipe type of feel from this and I am here for it. His cherry tobacco, stewed fruits in a potpourri on the stove and a smattering of vanilla cookie crumbs. There is a touch of tartness but it is welcome, adding a touch of sparkle. I cannot wait to melt this.

To get 30% off at Femme Fatale, which will include some of these delicious scents, use code: NEWYEAR30
It is active from the 7th to the 9th.

I am thrilled to have these tarts to melt over the next little while. Now that it is past the holidays I would normally move on from the festive scent but I am still lingering around a few apples, pumpkins and evergreens. What is swirling about your house?


  1. Those tarts are so stinkin' cute! Can't blame you for not wanting to let go of the festive scents if they're that adorable. I've hardly melted a thing, even after moving into our new home. I was saying to Jay in a comment on her blog that I'm way off the wax at the moment, and I'm not quite sure why. I bought just one BBW candle this year - Marshmallow Fireside, because it's forever dope - but Guess I'm going through a low period.

    1. They really are/were cute! I melted a bunch of them already.

      As we were gearing up to move I was off wax. Wasn't melting in the old home and didn't really begin melting in the new right away. But as time marched on I got sucked back into Bohemienne Life with a few of the blends Kyme was making and I picked back up in my melting. But honestly, I think it is a good thing to take a break from inhaling the fumes for a bit. But I agree. Whenever I am off my wax game I will still forever be on my Marshmallow Fireside game. I was just inhaling it yesterday in hand sanitzer format on the way home from work. Mmmmmmmmm.