Monday, February 10, 2020

Possets Perfume: Beautiful View

This perfume was sent free from Possets. All opinions are my own.

Welcome to Possets Perfume week! I will feature one scent each day to celebrate their Valentine's Retour.

Beautiful View- Notes: An aquatic composed of cedar, pine, oakmoss, sea salt, ambergris accord, lavender and grapefruit. 6ml $20

This Possets perfume is an ode to Buzz Aldrin's first words upon seeing Earth from space, "beautiful view, magnificent desolation." This scent was built to capture the forest, flowers, ocean and fruits of nature. From the cobalt glass vial lifts a placid aquatic stained with oakmoss and tannins. Fresh, watery and aromatic. On the skin the oakmoss shimmers with sparkling grapefruit and the herbal tang of lavender. I love the verdant energy of the opening when wet on the skin. As it settles the zest of citrus settles into watery ripples of sea salt and ocean. There is a hint of vegetal roots turgid with water and minerals. This is the dewy heart of the scent. It does begin to dry down into a blissfully woody and slightly leathery greenness. The ambergris accord is lovely and makes the final wear a breathtaking snuggly scent, round and warm and furred. I love that this scent really does travel from watery echoes to sharp botanicals then trails into airy woods and finally the sweet darkness of human embrace.

Possets offers free shipping with purchases over $75 and they currently are hosting 20% off with the code: HEART2020

Are you a fan of aquatics? How about space? I am anxious to take the girls to Kennedy Space Center now that we live so close.

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