Thursday, February 13, 2020

Possets Perfume: Gypsy Grave

This perfume was sent gratis to me from Possets. All opinions are my own.

Gypsy Grave- Notes: The grave of the Gypsy Queen at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio adorned with expensive flowers, a bit of the clove cigarettes she smoked, a deep base of dark, earthy, oriental musk, a touch of vetiver and a puff of incense along with the smell of pasteboard picture cards. 10 ml roll-on $33

This Possets scent is an homage to a specific grave of a rather beloved lady. This fragrance is a beautiful creation that would honor any lady with an appreciation of nature and the mystical, the wild and rare secrets that can be found in dark shadows. It begins life with the golden arid aroma of myrrh and dark moist vetiver. Earthen and dank, lilies and a few scattered carnation petals. The heart decomposes the flowers into overgrown clumps of damp grasses that garland tombstones trimmed in rain swollen lichen. A small wooden box clutching an old moldy deck of Tarot cards lies hidden nearby. These aromas are thinned into repose and beauty by musk gilded with oakmoss and incense. This fragrance wears like a second skin with a Tudor past. I love the push and pull of fecundity and elegance. It is one I will be wearing and exploring more fully in various seasons. 

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Not sure for how long.

I normally don't choose roll-ons but I do find I tend to wear more of the scent and go through it quicker if it is a roll-on. What types of lids/dispensers do you like for your perfume oils? Wands, roll-ons, reducer caps? 

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