Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Beezy Tarts: October Order

Back in December I happened to catch John announce a Beezy pre-order ,and since I was pining for my Mint Lavender that I had melted all up as well as my Apple Clove Butter I figured it was time to dive back in. I enjoy John's tarts for their throw, simplicity and quality. The long TAT doesn't bother me but sometimes the cracking lids do. Thankfully I still have some bags on hand so I ended up bagging about 2/3 of my order. Most tarts were $1.85 each and some were on sale for $1 each. Shipping was $11.20

Serendipity is one I picked up for nostalgia's sake. It is a sugary sweet candied cherries and cream with a little coconut on the side. This one is intense and will be a joy to melt.

Cinnamon Broom will be a forever favorite. The fiery Red Hots and Atomic Fireball nose hair burning cinnamon is something that I crave. It is truly a childhood throw back for me, that fireball clanking against my teeth with my tongue burning in a blaze of sugar and liquid cinnamon. 

Pink Sugar is one I miss melting on the regular. I don't often have it solo either so this will be a treat once I get around to melting it. A cotton candy musk dreamboat.

Cranberry Woods used to be my first true love at Bath & Body Works before Marshmallow Fireside came along. I have not burned it in a candle in eons but having a couple of these tarts on hand will warm up the place next holiday season. The cranberries are tart and crisp, much like pomegranates, and the woods are soft and dry. 

Cinnamon Apple Berry is new to me from Beezy. I am happy with it! The apple cinnamon is classically sweet and spiced but the berries make it more into a juicy and fruity mulled punch type of aroma. I am here for that.

Mint Lavender, one of the reasons for this order. I enjoy this in my bedroom for a mellow sleepy time scent. The mint is cooling but not obnoxious (but hey, let's be real, I don't mind obnoxious mints) and the lavender is sweet and rich. Not too sharply herbal, not detergent at all and certainly not fabric softener. 

Witching Hour is a spicy rose patchouli that brings to mind the Claire Burke dupe that is along these same lines. I love a spicy earthy floral so this one is wonderful. 

Witches Brew is more dark and deep with it's spice and patchouli where there are woods instead of roses when compared to Witching Hour. I love both.

Harvest Gathering is a cinnamon apple and cranberry scent. I picked it up on a whim, having never tried it but I quickly fell in love. The apples are swollen with sweet golden juice and the cranberries are plump and stewed. The spice is minimal, just a subtle tang. 

Pumpkin Apple Strudel might be hit or miss for me. It does smell just like a pumpkin and apple strudel with its soft buttery bakery tones and there is a vanilla icing on top but there is a cloying note in there that I am not sure how it will play out. I will be either loving it or dumping it I feel. Caramel. There is caramel too. 

French Vanilla and Oak is one I like to have on hand every once in a while. It is a pretty scent of blonde woods and vanilla musk that is similar to Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille. 

Amish Quilt times four because that is how many I bought. One of my favorite versions of cinnamon sugar. 

Apple Clove Butter times three. This one is a long time thank you to Lauren who introduced me to this yummy sweet apple. 

Apple Strudel is basically a for real apple pie, crust, sliced apples and bubbling sticky filling. 

Free Samples:
Strawberry Crunch is a milky version of Crunch Berries cereal. I have never been a fan of this scent from any vendor. But I do like to eat the cereal.

Marshmallow Fluff is pretty awesome. It truly is a fluffy white cloud of vanilla goodness. 

Nana's Bakery  smells like a cherry almond turn over.

Black Cherry Bomb is going to my friend Ashley who adores everything cherry. This is a cherry and grape mash up of tart sweetness.

Beezy has many of these scents still for sale right now, and even better, they will be RTS so no waiting. Ever since I saw Jay post about that Rose Milk I have been craving it. Did you order any Beezy? Tell me how you feel about cherry.


  1. Two wax posts in a row! Sounds pretty fab (minus some of those apple bakery ones for me) but Beezy Tarts' Mint Lavender is exceptional, I'm so glad I finally tried it. Witching Hour seems up my street too. I shall save you a bit of Rose Milk, it's quite a nice treat.

    As for cherry I say, keep 'em all far away from me. (except for the sweetness of Serendipity where the cherry is toned way down-even that I prefer mixed in with other scents).
    It's interesting that I ordered way back in October and received mid-Jan and you pre-ordered Dec and got yours not too long after mine?

    Hope life is treating you gently so far this year buddy:)

    1. You are right, it was October (I changed it in the title when I realized it but forgot to change it in the text of the blog). Yeah, they took awhile for sure but then I placed a quickie RTS and they came lickety split.

      I ended up grabbing Rose Milk!! Save yours, but thank you so much! I cannot wait to try it out soon.

      I feel the same about cherry. Weirdly Serendipity is a joy for me but the rest can take a hike.

      Life is good. Chaotic and overwhelming sometimes but good. I am about to embark upon a two month ESOL course so that will keep me extra busy too but I need to points to renew my teaching certificate so it is all good. How are you?