Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ebb & Flow: February 2020

The highs and lows of the month.

Solstice Scents Headmaster

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Her Coal Black Hair (violet oudh)

Body Oil:
Kings Road Apothecary Inner Compass Body Oil

Kings Road Apothecary Conifer Mist

Sleep Aid:
Mixing peppermint, rosemary and lavender oils in witch hazel along with some red cedar oil to mist my neck, chest and pillow.

Sihaya & Company Anne Boleyn on nightstand

The Bathing Garden Magician's Bonfire in bedroom

Gummy Berry grapes (I swear they are actual fruit- not gummy bears) and spicy chicken ramen for lunch

Water, coffee, kombucha. My trifecta of liquids.

Savanna and I watched Goonies, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Beetlejuice.
We are trying to watch some "classics."

Little Green by Tish Cohen, not my usual genre of domestic drama but it is reading decently well. A marriage on the rocks type of scenario.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and John Prine

Planting bulbs, seeds and bare root things in the yard. I have my first ever hostas sprouting up right now. I think I made a mistake by ordering from Michigan Bulb. I ordered on a whim without researching and now all the reviews I read are pretty bad and sure enough they have most of my order on "backorder" and the shipping dates of the "ready to ship" items get pushed back every week. Ah well. Lesson learned. Read reviews.

My first ever trip to the Rockies. Adam has a business trip and I am tagging along. I plan on doing lots of mountain gazing, snow gazing and book gazing while at a fireplace sipping some tea. I hope to find a cute coffee shop and a nice bookstore to frequent while he is in meetings. Also awaiting spring break. March will be insane, but good.

The return of the mosquitoes. The return of the love bugs. The return of scorching heat.

Zapp's potato chips in Cajun Dill and Voodoo flavors from the Dollar Tree

Michigan Bulb.

Hard health news about family members, difficult seasons for our youngest and low energy days.

A new hot water heater on the horizon, wildflower seeds germinating, enjoying time with family and cuddles with Toddles.

How has your February been? Do anything fun on this extra day of the year? We are taking Savanna and her friends and Scarlette and her buddy to an escape room in Orlando and out to dinner at one of my favorite places, Cafe' Tu Tu Tango.


  1. Hi Julie! February has been stressful, from both world/ national events and my move, but what a delightful escape your ebb and flow is! Flowers and headmasters and violet oudh and Tudor vixens. It's frustrating about your bulbs because down south you have to plant them so early. I have scored some at Home Depot, surprisingly,when the garden stores had run out.
    I learned how to make a homemade milk bath because I couldn't splurge on any fancy bath products I craved. It was kind of thrilling.
    Have a lovely spring!

    1. Hello Brooke!! It has been hairy out there in the world hasn't it?? I still will have hope for the future. We have come so far and I know there is light and goodness out there. I hope your move smooths out and you are able to snuggle in your new place.

      You are right about the early planting down here. I looked yet again and the shipped date moved for the third time. I have a feeling I will have to hold on to the until next season? I went ahead and bought some at Walmart and planted them and they are already blooming. <3 I will swing by Home Depot and Lowe's and see what all they might have too. Thanks! That is a great idea.

      Oooooo homemade milk bath?! That sounds fabulous. Did you scent it with anything? One day when I get a bath tub I will look into some recipes or ask to borrow yours.

      You have a nice spring too! I hope it is full of warm breezy days, fresh blooms and mounds of kindness.

  2. Feb was a busy month that went by way too quickly. I discovered Ilona Andrews' Innkeeper series and am on the second one. Looking forward to checking out Kate Daniels soon. My 6 year old nephew has discovered Harry Potter, so it has been a lot of fun discussing that with him. His poor parents are trying to keep him restrained to the first couple books.

    1. Funnily enough, right after posting my comment I saw that Magic Bites was on sale for $0.99 on Kindle :D

    2. It did fly on by didn't it?? I think I have at least the first book in the Innkeeper series. I will start reading it soon. You know what I freak I am about the Kate Daniels series. It is just so FUN!!!! Awwww how sweet that he is loving Harry Potter. Six is so great for the first book or two but yeah, I can see how his folks want to keep him from some of the later books as they do get kinda dark for a kiddo that young. Savanna started them around nine I think and book five was so fat it took her a good year to finish it so she aged well as she was reading it. $0.99?!??! You HAVE to get it!!!! If you end up liking them I will send you the rest.