Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Possets Perfume: Midnight Mass at Old St. Mary's

This perfume was sent to me by Possets gratis. All opinions are my own.

Midnight Mass at Old St. Marys- Notes: A resinous incense blend redolent with the polished wood of pews, beeswax candles, and offertory fruits. 10 ml $31.66

I love that Possets perfumes recommends aging this one for two years. I used to be skeptical about aging perfume oils but I recently bought a very old version of Ember by Nocturne Alchemy which is a frankincense heavy blend and compared it to my newer bottle and it is night and day difference. The incense smooths out like silk, becoming velvety and mildly sweet. I will definitely store this one away after I review it. In the vial it already exhibits a unique take on incense. The darkly sweet viscousness of bruised berries and fruits set out as offerings overnight enriches the frankincense smoke. Anointed on the skin the stewed fruits carry the suggestion of faint spices, the waxy texture of the candles wafts in soon after. A heart of sweet incense and cherrywood showcases their fulsome beauty. I can see how aging will refine these lovely notes into a more fluid offering that is nonetheless appealing even now. A sacred blending that Dionysus would appreciate I think. 

Do you age your perfume oils? What is one of your favorite aged scents? I am still aging some Arcana Estella and Love Her, Love Her, Love Her along with Nocturne Alchemy's Oudh Ombre and Blood Moon Botanica Dark Winter Amber. 


  1. I have been aging Sand in Your Tail since last summer. The notes are blending and that dark, rich Coppertone vanilla scent is smoothing the edges and knitting everything together. It's funny, I love these notes but don't often want to wear SIYT because I don't think of it as "me". I reserve it for pool or beach so I can pretend I'm wearing old school tanning oil. The scent you reviewed sounds lovely- ah, frankincense!

    1. I enjoy Sand in Your Tail from time to time, but you are right it is a very evocative scent. I think it works well here in sultry Florida though. I totally agree it is a gorgeous pool or beach or vacation destination scent. But frankincense is a note I am blown away by every time. It is such an elegant and ethereal aroma for me.