Friday, February 14, 2020

Possets Perfume: Ode to Aphrodite

This perfume was sent form Possets gratis. All opinions are my own.

Ode to Aphrodite- Notes: Oakmoss, sandalwood, sage, citrus, and Possets' synthetic ambergris accord. 6 ml $20

Possests' inspiration for this scent is from Sapphos' poem to Aphrodite. It seemed apropos to feature this scent today, on the day chosen to celebrate love. Adam and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day in the sense of romanticism, however, we do celebrate it in our love for Savanna as it is her birthday. This year is a big one. She is turning 13. Our very first teenager. She is growing into a beautiful and kind and brilliant young lady. Happy birthday, Savanna!

Ok enough gushing about my oldest. Time to dive into this perfume. In the bottle it smells of light citrus with a buttery sandalwood with a touch of sparkling herbs. Brushed onto the skin the creamy sandalwood spills into rivulets, warm and lush. As the scent moves in the heart the oakmoss sharpens the woody aspects of the sandalwood and highlights some sage and herbs. There is a salty tang to this that reminds me of the sea from which Aphrodite arose. This must be the ambergris moving through the currents of the fragrance. Possets' ambergris accord is beautiful. It is smooth and velvety with nuances of plush woods and warm skin, lightly salty and with a breath of suede. This perfume is stunning and moves from a toothsome sandalwood, brimming with thick cream, to a sultry ambergris embrace.

Hope you have a wonderful day whatever you are planning. We are going to spend our evening at Disney Springs watching the Sonic the Hedgehog movie and dining in at the AMC there for Savanna's birthday. 


  1. I hope you all enjoyed sweet young lady Savanna's birthday festivities! How fun!
    I don't celebrate Vday. But, being out of town with my younger sis, we got tattoos and then some of the best pizza of my life in San Francisco, so that's a day to remember.
    And hot diggity dang that perfume blend sounds perfect!!

    1. We did! I am still flabbergasted that I have a teenager now. She is a joy though and I am honored to watch her grow.

      I loved seeing you have fun!!! Love your tattoo!!! It is so cute. Sister time is so special. I would love to visit San Francisco one day. <3

      It is a beautiful scent. I cannot wait to see how it ages too. Something tells me Possets is even better with age.