Saturday, February 15, 2020

Bohemienne Life: December Order

My name is Julie and I have a confession. I am thoroughly addicted to Kyme's wax crack from Bohemienne Life. I renounce any and all low buys and no buys for the sake of adding more Bohemienne Life to my wax stash as the desire manifests.

I did place a delayed order with Kyme in December. She was having a wax release when I was working and let me tell you, there is no getting away from the kiddos when teaching. But once I got home I added all the goodies that were left to my cart happily. Most of these are new to me but there are few old favorites. 

Empanada- Notes: A warm pumpkin and cream cheese filled pastry spiced with cinnamon, ginger and cloves. $6.25

I had this one in a candle once and it was delicious. This is my first time having it in wax tart form. I still have the handmade glass jar that the candle came in. I use it to propagate plants. Empanada is just as decadent as it sounds. There is a sweet flaky quality to the pumpkin and mouth watering spices, as if someone on the Great British Making Show made hand laminated pastry a' la baklava and layered the pumpkin with honey and spice. It is righteous. 

Oh No! Gingerbread Boy- Notes: A spicy cookie with a blend of ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg, drizzled with honey.

This one is new to me and I am head over heels. Even though some of the notes are similar to Empanada I find them to be different enough that I am glad I have both. This one is a fusion of gingerbread cookies and snickerdoodles with some soft sugar cookie chewy center thrown in. I want to nibble something that tastes as good as this smells.

Crushed- Notes: Crushed juicy cranberries and blackberries mixed with red wine, lemon, pink grapefruit, strawberries, and pomegranate.

This is one I have had before and needed for spring and summer melting. Fruity scents have to really stand out for me to enjoy them. I love deep, dark vibrant fruits with nary a harshness to them and Kyme delivers. Her berries are lush. This one is just such a scent. The zingy citrus keeps it from being overly sweet and syrupy while the wine adds a grape hue to the berries. This one gets me excited about the blackberry and blueberry shrubs I planted. 

Mistletoe & Spruce- Notes: Citrus, blue spruce, and frosted cranberries create this perfect holiday scent.

This is truly festive but I am not going to blink an eye melting it right now. We keep having rainy days and cold snaps so this evergreen scent is still right on the nose. The cranberries and citrus are lively and not very sweet but bright and cheerful. They pair up well against the fresh and bold spruce. No spice notes in this and that is part of what I feel like makes it a lovely year 'round scent too.

Leatherosa- Notes: Roses and leather.

Leatherosa and I first met when she was a rustic yet silken soap that I lathered with while in raptures. This is my first time trying her in wax form and she does not disappoint. I can tell a little will probably go a long way and melting this one in the bedroom will be a must. The roses are blowsy and and old fashioned, deep in color and aroma, luring noses into their soft hidden parts. The leather is rich and almost woody in its intensity. The paring is classic.

Under The Mistletoe- Notes: Irresistible blend of Yuletide spices, woods, hay, musk, green fresh air, oakmoss, vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Kyme got a request for "spicy sexy man" so she created this fragrance to suit that desire. It does have that classic cologne scent of a rich balsamic musk and oakmoss but the vanilla adds a smooth edge creating a touch of softness. When my Pop-Pop passed away I inherited a box of some of his office supplies (he was a self-employed CPA and mostly got his income by doing people's taxes and such- so his office supplies were intense). Inside the box was this tiny brown plastic cologne pen and when I uncapped it the scent of his hug wafted out. If there was one thing he was know for, it was the genuine love in his hugs. He hugged with his whole heart. His button up bowling shirts always smelled like this. I will melt this one sparingly as I know it will always remind me of Pop-Pop now. What does this smell like? It smells like a Pop-Pop.

Fraser's Ridge- Notes: Strawberry, peach, and raspberry with a hint of violet and grounded in earthy patchouli take you to a place where the wild strawberries grow.

A forever favorite. If this is ever offered, do yourself a solid and buy it. Don't let the violets and patchouli run you away. Try it. They only serve to enhance the natural beauty of the berry. 

Sparkle Wonderland- Notes: Icy grapefruit, orange, bergamot, and lemon. Fruity and clean, sparkling, fizzy and very good.

I am a sucker for these types of names. I also was kinda wanting a citrus heavy scent for spring and summer. This one is beautiful. The grapefruits and oranges and lemons are intensely flavored and sweet, striking in their robustness, but the bergamot truly comes in and elevates the citrus into a dreamscape rather than a grove. It goes from Polk County, Florida backyard oranges to sunset in Tuscany with jeweled fruits and hazy sunsets spiked with cypress trees and terraced villas. She's a beaut.

Selene- Notes: White poppy, snowdrop flowers, eucalyptus, yuzu, oranges and grapefruit, along with spices, woods and velvety musk.

Selene and I are friends. I had the pleasure of using her in a bath salt potion in the past and she made for a beautiful bathing experience. I am thrilled to smell her again now. Her velvety musk is a delight. This is a smooth and round scent, much like the moon she evokes. There is a tender sweetness and the florals are gauzy and luminescent. It doesn't list vanilla but it feels like there is something along those lines present, tonka, benzoin or coumarin? Or perhaps it is one of those thing where the sum is more than its parts. Either way it is a magical experience and will make any bedroom an inviting place to rest. 

I am so very happy with my order. I have since placed another one for some other scents I have yet to try along with some lollipops and a soap. A Fraser's Ridge soap to be exact. I will be spring ready. 

What are you melting right now? Any vendors you cannot get enough of melting?


  1. Wow, they sound and look awesome.
    First i thought you have ordered some fancy chocolate bars :)

    1. They are amazing! I just love Kyme's awesome blends. And you are right they do look like very nice chocolates or treats of some type. <3 Hope you are well!

  2. Beautiful order!
    Keep us updated on those Blackberry and blueberry bushes, please! I'm jealous, but very excited for you. ;) <3 I wish you success in growing.
    I'd been refraining from ordering Bohemienne Life, cuz I gotta whittle down my stash first. I meant to order mostly soap and lotion and a little bit of wax this last opening and totally missed it!! Oh well, another time. :D

    I think I'm melting a bit of everything right now. I've been exploring more bakery scents than ever before. Some are super yummy and others just too thickly intense. Lol

    1. Thanks!!

      I will! The blackberries are growing well. The blueberries lost all the limbs but then they are growing some leaves back so I am not losing hope that they will work out. These were tiny bundled root stock from Walmart for cheap so I wasn't expecting much but I think they may make it.

      Lady, I seriously need to cool the wax jets. Not sure what happened but I placed a buttload of orders the last few months. I have withheld recently though and honestly cannot allow myself to place more until I melt through my stash too. My wax drawers are over stuffed again.

      I am like you. I enjoy vanilla or spice centered bakery, sugar cookies and apple pies and such but if it is too heavy or cloying my nose complains.

  3. It's hard to describe Kyme's scents w/o using unique or signature, they're like no other and aptly named for their addictive quality. I haven't ordered since last summer, which I split with a friend but I enjoyed the scents you gifted me, especially the BlackBerry Bordeaux cookie.<3 I truly savor the light fragrance of the Selene perfume oil you sent too and wondered how it translates to wax, how does it throw?

    Mistletoe and Spruce is cool and refreshing (I thought you sent it to me, but must have been another friend, lol) but what's capturing my attention are these citrusy/berry scents you received. I love a dark and woody fruit, nothing fizzy or syrupy, or else my nose rebels.
    Perhaps I'll reorder when Kyme opens in the Fall. I've been using up my stash and gifted wax diligently but wont need to order for a long while yet.

    1. Kyme really is a magical perfumer and fragrance blender. <3

      I have not melted Selene yet but I will put it in my next melting basket since spring is quickly approaching. I am in need of posting a melting basket anyway.

      I feel like Kyme really hits those dark juicy berries on the head. I am slo really loving that citrus forward Sparkling WOnderland. It is bliss. I am taking a page out of your book and reigning in on the wax buying and focusing on the melting. I have about 2-3 more orders I need to blog and one more to be delivered but I am absolutely set.