Friday, March 20, 2020

Melting Basket 149

Good Morning, friends. Hope you are all well. I know things have been quiet on here frequently as of late. February was crazy busy then March blew in like a lion. Now with schools shut down until April 15th I do find I have more time on my hands to tinker with things long neglected. I cannot really smell right now (I swear Colorado dryness and elevation did a dozy on my sinuses) but I do plan on melting these tarts anyway. I actually already melted a whole basket a month ago but I never got around to posting it. 

Sniff My Tarts- Blue Sugar/Clove/Nutmeg/Toasted Marshmallow
Ten Digit Creations- Rosewood and Amber
Ten Digit Creations- Palo Santo/Bourbon Tobacco/Wood Spice)
Obscurus- Algol (Strawberry, Yuzu, Vanilla, Watermelon, Orange)
Vintage Chic Scents- Killer Clowns From Outer Space (Cotton Candy)
Epic Wax- Amber Noir <3 gift
Epic Wax- Sandalwood Amber <3 gift
CFTRK- Fig and Rhubarb
CFTKR- Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro
CFTKR- Patchouli Oud Wood
CFTKR- Sugared Strawberry Spruce

A motley collection to be sure. Hoping my nose wakes up soon.

Some things that have been keeping me grounded:
- Cat snuggles. I don't think Toddles has been more happy to have all her humans on constant demand.
- Baking: Cookies and (YES!!!!) cinnamon rolls using yeast. I think homemade bagels are next.
- Planting: seeds and little $1 pots of annuals. Pretty much anything cheerful looking. Excited about a buttload of bulbs that are supposed to arrive today.
- ESOL classes. Not fun but keeping me feeling connected to my job. I have been seeing some posts on Facebook already from grumbling parents who are friends about how much/what teachers are assigning to their kids. Gives me some anxiety about March 30th when I am supposed to roll out online teaching which I have never been trained for and is not part of my repertoire. 
- Reading in our new hammock. My stepmom picked up the girls these netted sensory swings. One I hung up as a traditional swing and the other I made into a hammock. Best thing ever in this phenomenal weather.
- Swimming.
- Painting my toenails.
- Wearing sweatpants all day every day.
- Painting. Finally finished my Hobbit Toms. Moving on to some galaxy Vans. I think. Or maybe wildflowers.

How are you doing? Are you home or having to go into work? What is helping to keep you level right now?


  1. oh, what a great melting basket. i do a monthly one featuring one of my favorite vendors each month. April is for Vintage chic scents. Playing in my wax is keeping me sane this week. I have Deluxe bars and loaves to chop for April. I'm excited to melt Beach Party (mango and coconut cream) and blackberry Jackie O (Blackberry Marshmallow Birthday Cake Vanilla Bean Noel). I also tossed in a few other vendors to give me variety during the month like The Greatest escape Wax Co. and Scentsy.

    I love the Ten Digit creations selections you chose. I really miss buying Amber Harper's wax. i've got two baskets full, but i can never have enough. she always had blends that were right up my scent alley.

    I also just got my latest CFTKR order in this week. She had a good scent list this RTS. I'm excited about Blackberry and Pearl, Iced Watermelon and rosey Strawberry to name just a few.

    I think i'm doing okay. I'm sort of used to being alone most of the time. What is freaking me out a little is how our society is gonna change because of this whole Covid 19 thing.

    I get audio books from the National Library for the Blind. they just sent me a few cartridges with about 28 books on them. so, i'm gonna dive ear first into my books and just wait and see. blessings to you and your family. Stay safe, everyone.

    1. Hi Karla!

      Thanks! I love melting baskets. They make choosing wax so much fun. How cool that you do a vendor based wax basket! I just got my tiny VSC order in. Maybe I can join you for one in the near future. Beach Party and Blackberry Jackie O sound amazing. I got her plan blackberry in my order and I am looking forward to making some blends with it. I have not heard of The Great Escape Wax Co. I will have to look into them.

      I miss Amber's wax too. She always hit the spot with her creative blends.

      How exciting!! I placed a CFTKR order too and it arrived today. I have not tried Blackberry and Pearl. But I do love her Rosy Strawberry blend so much. I added it to my next melting basket.

      I am glad you are doing ok. These are definitely trying times. I hope any changes that come out of this huge event will be for the better. We certainly needed a wake up call on many things and hopefully the awfulness that is happening and the people who are suffering won't have done it in vain. My heart breaks over this.

      Enjoy your books!!! I love that you are enveloping yourself in reading. Me too. I am right there with you. Take care and be safe too. Much love!