Sunday, March 22, 2020

Candles From The Keeping Room: January/February Order

Can you tell the state of being over here? I did not even un-bag my precious beauties. But hey. It is a post and that makes it progress. :-) I actually typed this one up yesterday right after I made another purchase from Carol at Candles From The Keeping Room. I was late to the party so I only grabbed the goodies that were available. Thankfully, Carol always has an abundance of amazing tarts so I was able to find plenty. This order is from earlier in the year and was on the smaller side. I just grabbed some random scents as usual. Some old favorites and many new to me. Each bag runs about $6.50 and has about 6 ounces of wax in it. I follow Carol in her Facebook and she gives plenty of notice when she is going to open. 

Tropical White Musk- A soft and feminine scent, hazy musks, gentle sweetness and the ghost of tropical fruits and blossoms. I think I have had this long, long ago. It smells familiar. 

Apple Wood Fir Needle- I believe I had this one as a sample a winter or two ago. It is a gorgeous woodsy scent with firs, pines, cedar and a dash of amber and apple. Not sweet, but crisp and cool. Lovely. 

Autumn in the Park- A gosh darn good blend of sweet crisp honeyed apples pared with lemony fall leaves and a touch of sweet caramelized pumpkin. Not a heavy blend but a gilded autumnal delight. If you haven't tried this one yet, you are missing out. This is one to melt while listening to "Autumn in New York" with Ella and Louie.

Christmas Spice- This one is new to my nose. It is a spiced orange and candy blend that is almost fizzy and tartly sweet. Not as heavy and deep as a pomander but along those lines with an effervescent and gingery quality. Unique. I think I will like melting this one.

Christmas Cactus- First time sniffing this one. I love my Christmas cactus plants (strangely I had my white one shoot off a bloom the other day out of no where). Not sure of the notes, as I don't see it online, but it has a green herbal and vegetal quality, like aloe and crunchy, watery green things. There is a sweetness to it, like mellow berries and dewy citrus. It is a pretty scent. 

Christmas Fantasy- Smells like a flower shop at Christmas, decorated with cinnamon pinecone wreaths and carnations and lilies and bowls of potpourri. I love it.

Evergreen Oasis- Also new for me. The notes play out like a sum being more than its parts type of thing: pomegranates, guava, patchouli, apples, leather, caramel, cedar. But to my nose it is just a lovely piney scent. Spruce and cedar, perhaps some dark patchouli, but no fruits really. A stand of trees in the wild.

Balsam Boughs- This one is airier, cooler and sweeter than Evergreen Oasis. I enjoy both equally. The eucalyptus in this one is refreshing.

Vanilla Snowflake- I enjoy this scent from Bath & Body Works. I think this is my first time having a dupe of it in wax form. It is nice and strong, vanilla peppermint with a hint of creamy coconut. A wonderful blending.

Free Samples:

I am always thankful for the generous samples Carol adds to the orders her customers place with her. I invariably get whiffs of wonderful new scents that become fast favorites.

Tropical Cocktail smells like a yummy pina colada.

Pineapple Pear Pound Cake is a juicy sweet tropical bakery.

Coconut Water and Pineapple is probably the best tropical pineapple I have sniffed. The coconut water pulls like a tropical musk and it smells lovely together.

Coconut Water and Mango is similar but more peachy than pineapple.

Gourmet Sugar Cookie is a wonderfully crunchy and dense sugar cookie scent.

Warm and Toasty is a dulcet fireside scent.

Christmas Around The Campfire is one I wish I had in bagfulls. Campfire and sugar cookies. Mmmmm. Yes.

Four: Twenty Gummies is herbal and fruity at the same time. I quite like it. I don't really get cannabis from it, which is fine with me. 

Fresh Raspberries and Whipped Cream comes in the cutest little raspberries ever. I love this fresh and juicy sweet raspberry. It smells like the raspberry Shannon at The Bathing Garden uses and I love that one.

Black Magic Sangria is a lush berry filled musk. I am happy I was able to get a bag of this yesterday at Carol's opening.

I am super happy with my order from Carol. She will probably always be my very favorite place to get wax. I will keep buying as long as she keep selling. Are you melting much? What scent trends are you enjoying right now?


  1. m always looking forward to the CFTKR post, its my favorite

    1. Thank you!!! Good news!! I just got my latest CFTKR order in today! LOL! I will post it next week I hope. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Dang, great order! Great samples! Beautiful pics! Wow!
    I'm always melting, since I'm home so much. I don't think I've been following any scent trends, though. I've been doing some "Spring" scents, but throwing in "Autumn" scents since we're still getting some real light snow, rain and cold temps.

    1. Thanks! I always love digging through that bag of samples. Feels like Christmas Day.

      Funny you mention the fall scents. I normally am a pretty regular seasonal melter but this spring I can't stop craving a good fall scent. What's up with that? I think maybe I crave the comfort those offer me. Stressful times. Hope you are doing well. <3

  3. What a great order. I've tried Tropical white Musk and loved it. i think
    i still have a bag of it in my CFTKR collection.

    the saturday restock was great. i was able to get about 14 bags and one of them was black magic Sangria. I also picked up Blackberries and Pearls, rosey Strawberry, Strawberry martini and Raspberry Hibiscus Tea. i cannot wait to get these and melt them. i think if i could only have one indy vendor to buy from it would be CFTKR. I love her scents, her cute shapes and her fabulous customer service.

    1. Thank you, Karla! I definitely will be melting Tropical White Musk this summer for sure.

      Congrats on your wonderful haul!!! I hope you get awesome samples (but who are we kidding Carol's samples are always awesome!). I agree. Candles From The Keeping Room is one of my very favorite vendors too. I will always be buying from Carol. She is amazing. Enjoy your order!!!

  4. Love love love your reviews! So many unique and lovely sounding blends in this order! I hope you and your family are staying healthy!

    1. Thank you, Gina!! I miss being able to blog about wax like I used to, but it makes me happy when I can. I seriously did not even have a plan with this order. I just grabbed and dashed with what I could. I never mind shopping Carol's leftovers once everyone has gotten what they want. I think it worked out for me this last time too. Did you get to order??

      Thank you so much! We are doing well. Hope you and yours are too. <3