Saturday, March 21, 2020

Glitterati: Mystery Box

Got some beautiful chunks of scented loveliness on deck today. You may have noticed my posting schedule is whack-a-doodle right now but I figure posting something randomly is better than to not have posted at all. My sister Heather is ready for me to ship her a box of wax to scent her Texas home so I figured I would get on some wax posts today while I pack her up a box. 

I signed up for the most recent Glitterati Mystery Box list and my name came up (number 1,000 and something or other) and I couldn't have been happier about it. I had a few kindly gifted chunks from my sweet friend April that I have been hoarding and that was it. I think this box was a little over $40 shipped? It came with a dozen generously sized chunks of overpour from Janine's custom orders. 

Love Spells & Lemon Drops- I believe this is a rather popular blend that Janine gets requested often as it has been in almost every mystery box I have ordered. It is a bright and fruity floral mixing of Victoria's Secret Love Spell and a sugary lemon candy. I think I have some not so great scent associations with Love Spell and it just never quite sits right on my nose. I know Heather will enjoy this though. She used to work at V.S. back in the day and I think she enjoyed it.

Lavender Vanilla Bean Noel- Just reading the name had me feeing like I had won the lottery. Two of my very favorite scent notes. The Vanilla Bean Noel is rich and dense with pillowy marshmallow vanilla goodness. The lavender is softly lurking within and creating a sleepy time scent of soothing lavender vanilla. A dream boat.

Lavender Buttermint- Reading this second scent let me know I had won the lottery. A soft creamy spearmint laced dinner mint with nuances of lavender vanilla. Another dreamy scent that will be melted in the bedroom very soon. 

Blue Cotton Candy Caramel Apple- This blend is pretty fantastic. It is a cheerful blending of sweet cotton candy and lush caramel drenched mac apples. It smells of an old fashioned carnival treat. The apple isn't overly cloying and the sweetness is balanced with creaminess. Brilliant blend.

Sparkling Grapefruit Pomelo Sage- I have enjoyed these oils separately in the past from other vendors but Janine made a knock-out combo with this blending. It is a relaxing yet vibrant aroma of tropical grapefruit zest and summery breezes. It is sweet but not candy, fresh but not like cleaning products. A citrus fruit salad enjoyed by the shore on a sandy beach blanket. With our weather warming up considerably this will be melted in the near future.

Pink Chiffon Oasis- Man, I cannot remember the last time I had a Pink Chiffon blend. It had quite the heyday a year or so ago. It works wonderfully in this blend. The coconut and tropical fruits get a lift from the sweet musk and fruity florals of the Pink Chiffon. Most excellent.

Pineapple County Fair- I can't really get a handle on this one. Janine's County Fair scent is amazing. I love the funnel cakes and sweet treats that it reminds me of, but the pineapple is throwing me. I am rarely a huge pineapple in wax fan unless it is a primarily tropical scent. This kind of reminds me of pineapple upside down cake, which I love to eat. I will have to shave some off and see what I think once it is melted. 

Cucumber Melon Apple Mango Tango- Sweet, fresh and fruity. A blend that is a match made in Bath & Body Works heaven. My husband's favorite BBW scent on me back in the early 2000's was Cucumber Melon. He will get a kick out of this I think.

Peppermint Pralines- Quiet possibly the sleeper hit of the bunch. I would not have merged cinnamon bakery and peppermint together. Ever. But whoever had the vision of this scent was really on to something special. It smells like eating snickerdoodle cookies on a polar bear's lap wearing a Santa hat while riding the Polar Express. Who is wearing the Santa hat? You decide. I will be melting this and reminiscing of my childhood. 

Mango Papaya Waffle Cone- This blend sounds like Sandra. Sandra. Did you do this? A tropical frozen treat served in a waffle cone. Juicy, sorbet-like and summery. Like a sunny trip to a theme park with your best friend. Sandra. I lost track of the other mango scent I was saving for you. But this one won't escape me until I send it off to you. I promise.

Pineapple Cake Batter- I think whoever was blending during this time was seriously craving summertime and pineapples. Another pineapple upside down cake blend but less bakery heavy and more sweet.

Tropical Pistachio- Another huge fan favorite that always winds up in my box. Super strong thrower of cherry-almond intenseness. 

Overall I am thrilled with my Glitterati Mystery Box. I have several I adore and a handful I will be passing on to loved ones who I know will adore them too. Have you had any Glitterati recently? What blends are you craving right now?

Happy National Fragrance Day!


  1. Congrats Julie! <3
    Blue Cotton Candy Caramel Apple sounds like fun! And wow, Peppermint Pralines sounds unique for sure! :O
    Did you wear a special perfume for National Fragrance Day? I didn't! I meant to, though. lol

    1. Woot!!! Love me a good mystery box and Janine's never disappoint! I need to get my butt in gear and sign up for her Sunday raffles.

      I wore a perfume but I already forgot what it was. What an awful perfumista I am. Today I wore Arcana's Chillum and it really hit the spot. Tomorrow will be a dinosaur from Nocturne Alchemy I think.