Sunday, May 31, 2020

Ebb & Flow: May 2020

The highs and lows of the month.

Chanel Coromandel

Perfume Oil:
Nocturne Alchemy 1922

The Bathing Garden Frolic (salt scrub)

Andy Taur Majestic Tuberose

Body Oil:
Wildroots Winter Ritual

Forest & Fjord Sea Silk Face Cream

Balefire Apothecary Poppy Tincture

Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint

Rosegirls Florida Key Lime Pie

Sumo oranges, Rainier cherries, homemade guacamole (avocado, minced garlic, one whole lime squeezed, cilantro, salt)

Water, kombucha, coffee.

The Poet of Loch Ness by Brian Jay Corrigan
I forgot how lyrical writing can pour like a syrup to sweeten and coat the time spent reading. The most recent sentence I read that I enjoyed rubbing between the fingers of my heart and mind: (speaking of an old widow)- "She had been a beauty as a child, and the beauty had now slipped under the skin to perfume her soul." 

Finished all the Outlander episodes on Netflix. They did the books justice.

Irish tin whistle on record and John Denver's greatest hits on record.

Scarlette's birthday. Some exploring and swimming now that it is summertime. 

The summer going by too fast.

My 2020 Tudor planner for daily doodles, good old fashioned wooden stick matches, coleus and impatiens under the oak tree.

Spearmint essential oil that smells like dill pickles, Apple charging cords (always weak willed splitting creatures), my New Zealand Tea Tree (I killed it somehow, not enough sun I suppose).

My grandmother, Ma, passed very recently. She has been missing Pa for almost two decades now and her passing was a peaceful event but I will miss her terribly. Next Saturday we will honor her at an outdoor graveside service to maintain social distancing.

The school year is over and summer has begun. I was blessed with two wonderful co-workers despite it easily being the most challenging year in my 12 years of teaching. I have learned the importance of taking my life and my career one month at a time, sometimes one week at a time and in desperate moments, one day at a time. This may seem simple and silly but I was always a 5-year plan kind of person in my youth. I am slowly learning to take smaller bites. My life is not always going to unfold in a predicted manner. Also had highs of getting to see my sisters again this month. I have missed them so. And rain. Finally got some rain.

How has your May been? Anything on your summer wish list?


  1. So glad you got to see your sisters. I miss my only sibling (a younger brother) who is in Austin. My son and I plan to visit him soon.
    I got my CFTKR order today and it was fabulous. Julie, your blog has introduced me to more vendors. lol, I certainly didn't need that! I had got my order from Kyme (WONDERFUL) and then ordered from her pre-order yesterday....i absolutely love her wax.
    Just have a lazy June planned. Kyle has his cancer scans the first of July so I'll definitely start worrying towards the end of the month and even though I know worrying helps no's super hard when you're a Mom and that's your baby. Hope you have a great, and stress free, June <3

    1. Thank you, me too. It was like a balm for the soul. I hope you and your son have a nice trip to Austin when you can get a chance to go! How exciting that you for your CFTKR goodies! I am so excited for you! I was a tiny bit bummed I missed out but honestly I should be content melting what I have. I certainly am not lacking for CFTKR treats. What are some of your stand out favorites? Kyme makes wonderful wax too. I love supporting her. Her soap is phenomenal too. What are you most excited to get from her. I have an order from her I need to post soon. I am most excited about the macrame wall hanging I ordered from Kyme's daughter. She does some amazing work.

      I hope you enjoy your June and I will be praying that his scan comes back clear. <3 Have a wonderful June too! <3

    2. From Kyme's last order the Fraser's Ridge (got the soap also) Apricot Cucumber Mint ( I have been on a cucumber kick) and Calypso (Got the soap too). I don't use bar soap but Kyle likes it and he needs to be using natural products BUT I must say Kyme's sure is awesome.
      This recent pre-order there was one with musk (maybe white musk?)that's the one I'm excited about because I love musk and I especially like white musk.
      I plan to place a small order with Dessa since the whole scent list will be available (and all shapes!) Her Sweet on Paris is the best I have melted. OH goodness TBG has 2 collections coming out on the 20th. lmao I need to behave. I just got an order from Shannon last week. It was almost a year since I had placed one with her.

      lol I remember being in 6th grade in Kreole, MS learning to macrame. I have no idea what happened to the purses I made.

    3. BTW I just went to look at what Carol's adding to the site and omg there's some good stuff already. I think Pink Berry + Tonka Bean and Passion fruit +Violet were my 2 faves from last order.

    4. I HEAR YOU! I have been so naughty ordering so much wax lately and it needs to chill. I wanted to order from Dessa again for a few more mini loaf blends but then (THANKFULLY!!!) yesterday was my daughter's birthday so I spent the day hanging out with the kids and by the time I remembered to order it was too late. So hopefully she will still offer that cranberry bonfire one next time in August or so (which will be time to order for fall by then anyway). I will order from Carol during her next opening but I will chill on the rest. I HAVE to save money to buy plan tickets to Vegas for my sister's wedding. I have to.

  2. So sorry about your grandmother. Distanced hugs to you and your family.

    I <3 John Denver :)

    1. Thank you, Kate. I will happily take them.

      Me too! I actually had not realized how much I do like him until my daughter got this album in a cassette and told me to listen to Starwood in Aspen. Loved it. He is wonderful to listen to on idle days.