Thursday, May 28, 2020

Forest and Fjord: Skin Care

I have recently become enamored with the hand crafted goods from Sarah based out of Alaska and within her brand, Forest & Fjord. I found her through another maker on Instagram that was showcasing some talented herbalists, I am thinking Britton from Blood Moon might have featured her. Either way, I hopped over to Sarah's site and picked up two skin care products, as I had run out of my Aftelier Face Elixir. I also joined her Patreon. 

Sarah offers a plethora of skin care options, for aged skin, dry skin, oily skin and in creams and serums. I chose two.

Winter Moon Serum- $50 For rejuvenating, repairing, deeply moisturizing.
I found I do enjoy oils for night time hydration. I was looking for one that pampers the aging skin, not to necessarily turn back the clock (I embrace my grays) but to take care of this element exposed skin of mine. Camelina oil is infused with chaga and combined with fireweed and dandelion. This serum is high in antioxidants and can be used as an oil-based cleanser as well. The oil smells warm and inviting and applies like a dream. It leaves my skin feeling dewy and lush.

Sea Silk Face Cream $52 - For soothing, healing, cooling.
This one has a base of meadowfoam oil infused with yarrow, elderflower, wild chamomile and emulsified with wild harvest yarrow hydrosol that was distilled under a summer solar eclipse. Being outdoors in the garden so much lately under the radiant sun has me looking for something that can be deemed soothing for my face. I love the silken texture of this cream. I made the mistake of slathering when this dense cream calls for only a thin slip of application. 

It is soothing and nourishing. It gives my face a soft glow. 

I appreciate the wealth of information Sarah shares about her products and ingredients. She has an eye for detail and ensures you have a high quality experience. She chose special UV-resistant heavy weight violet glass containers for her items to prolong shelf life, which is about 1-2 years. 

I have been alternating these two products for a couple weeks now. I am happy to say my skin does appear to like them. So much so that I did pick up the Deep Forest serum, which is a "dry" oil that helps with balancing the skin and aiding any breakouts. I do still have some hormonal acne issues I struggle with so I think between these three I will be able to cover all my bases. 

I ordered my mom and myself (a Mother's Day treat for both of us) a bottle of her Balm of Gilead too for pain relief of our gardening weary muscles. Can you tell I am enjoying my Forest & Fjord experience? Check Sarah's stuff out. You will be impressed.  


  1. Thanks Julie for the review. The products sound wonderful. I am trying to use natural products as I age. I love to be outside gardening, working with my horses, and enjoying nature. I will definitely check out her products!

    1. I think you will be pleased if you decide to pick up some all natural face goodies from Forest & Fjord! I know I am! I totally agree. I am moving towards as many all natural products as I can as I get older and if I can support small businesses too while I am at it, all the better. I love being outside and gardening as well. I can't say I have horses but I hope you enjoy your time with yours. :-)