Monday, May 18, 2020

Vapid Wax: Scent Shots

Here are some scent shots I ordered for $2 a pop at Vapid Wax a while back. I do see that she is currently having a spring sale for 30% all her RTS. There seems to be a good amount available. 

Luna is a soft and familiar blend of sandalwood, amber, berries, jasmine and freesia. It either reminds me of the Scentsy Luna fragrance or the Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path. Either way it is a lovely smooth scent with cushiony pale woods, sweet vanilla amber and sweet fruits and florals.

Vanilla Frost is an indulgent vanilla scent full of marshmallow sweetness and a nod to vanilla bean noel with its hint of sugar cookie. This though is really an ultimate vanilla. And I love it for that.

Clear Headed is a bracing eucalyptus, mint and camphor blend. It smells just like Vicks Vapo Rub. Which is exactly what I wanted. It is nice to have a mix like this on hand for those sickie days.

La La Lavenderland is a classic pairing of sweet lavender and lush vanilla. Vapid Wax has some of the best vanilla I have laid nose on in a while. This one melted strong in my bedroom.

I went for some staples: vanilla, lavender, mint. But I was also in the mood for some unique summery scents.

Tonic and Orange Blossoms fit that bill. It is sweet and creamy, a summery blend of a vanilla orange iced treat with a hint of bubbly effervescence. Definitely not an orange blossom but still a nice scent to lift the spirits.

Hunter is a gorgeous scent that entwines oud wood, sandalwood and amber. It is described as a sexy man scent, and it does give a hint of the vibe but it does have some amazing woodsy tones that keeps it from smelling of just cologne. 

Suntan is a wonderful Coppertone dupe. That burst of jasmine is dreamy. Utterly dreamy.

I think I must have been pining for fall as well.

Warm Apple Pie makes my mouth water simply sniffing it. Warm sliced apples, sautéed with sugar and dusted with fine cinnamon. Perfection really.

Autumn Harvest is a refined take on the classic cornucopia of apples, oranges and spice. A touch of vanilla and musk is buried within those notes and it rounds it all out into a velvety texture. I will probably melt this before fall.

Let's Summon Demons took me aback! It smells like a soft smoky blend of leaves and serendipity. The creamy coconut cherry treat is given a dark side with woods, leaves and woodsmoke. I love it. Absolutely love it. 

Cardigan was the only dud in the group. I think something was wrong with the wax though. It was all lumpy and creased and very faintly scented. All the others were vibrant on cold sniff and strong when melted. This was supposed to be a cardamom and rose scent.

Ouija Board is an earthy woodsy blend that has watery notes from herbs and and a misty ozonic tang to it. Like inhaling during a deep fog in the woods with a dash of clean. 

I am very happy with my Vapid Wax order and I will be back. Some of these will be upgraded to the clamshell size. :-)

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