Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Solstice Scents: Lavender Vanilla EDP

I have loved Angela's Lavender Vanilla scent for a long time now. I have had it in her perfume oil, glace' and whipped soap. I was hoping she would eventually debut it in her fabulous EDP formula and she has! Solstice Scents EDP perfume formulas are some of my very favorite. They smells strong and clear, have longevity and roundness. They float about hair and clothing aura-like. It is currently available for $70 for a 60 ml EDP full bottle.

Lavender Vanilla- Notes: Lavender essential oil and sweet creamy vanilla.
This perfume melts into the skin like early morning soft sunshine. It brushes up against the nose whispering in the velvety voice of a Johnny Cash ballad, resonate and rolling beneath the skin. It is wholesome and beautiful. Simple and yet profound. It wears fairly linear on my skin with maybe a touch of deeper lavender on the initial spray with the creamy vanilla beans swelling as it drifts into the heart and dry down. However, this is truly lavender and vanilla portrayed as soul mates. The lavender is robust and natural, smelling exactly like my fingertips after rolling the fuzzy purple nibs between my fingers in the garden. Nuances of candied pine, lush tonka and an almost fruity nectar all emerge from the deceptively simple lavender buds. The vanilla is airy and creamy, whipped up into vanilla bean studded clouds of meringue. This is not a heavy or chewy vanilla, but more a fluid, gauzy and silken vanilla that flows beautifully into the lavender.

I will wear this one down fairly quickly. When I reach for it and spray, I always end up smiling and sighing. It is simply that kind of scent. 

Do you enjoy lavender? If not, what herb calls to you?


  1. I have a sample of this fragrance, and it is quite lovely! I really love lavender and planted quite a bit of it in our garden last summer. We moved from a town in December 2019, and now have acreage in the country. I love growing flowers, vegetables, and especially herbs. I plant a lot of parsley, as my beloved swallowtails really enjoy it.

    I am really loving a honey, lavender, and goat's milk soap that I buy locally. The lady uses the milk from her goats, and she makes incredible soaps. She also has a rosemary and eucalyptus that is really nice also. I really try to support small, local businesses!

    1. I very much enjoy it. Lavender is such a dreamy scent and I crave it often. Does your lavender live long? Does it act like an annual or a perennial? Mine did well and bloomed and grew stout and now they are all dying and I am a wee bit sad. I did plant some yarrow so that made me feel better. I hope they take to my yard.

      How lovely to have some land!! I feel the same. We moved from a small lot home in a neighborhood to a place with just over an acre. I am excited to build some raised beds and get some veggies going myself. Like you, I enjoy growing herbs too. Especially now that I am reading about how to use them.

      That soap sounds lovely! Rosemary is another herb I love to smell and cook with. Supporting small business is a passion of mine too. Happy sniffing! Hope all your herbs grow big and strong. <3