Friday, June 12, 2020

Dessa's Homespun Scents: April Pre-Order

I skipped my annual autumn Dessa order last year since I knew I had plenty to melt that carried over from last year. Once I was down to only a couple scent shots (from Dessa) I knew it was time to restock. So I did, in a big way. This order was placed in early April and delivered about 6-8 weeks later. I ordered scent shots ($1.95) and mini loaves ($7.25). Given the volume of this order I am going to try and provide only brief descriptions of what I experience on cold sniff. 

Rosemary Mint is a mellow and fluffy clean peppermint with mild tones. Very pleasing.

Palo Santo is beautiful on its own. It doesn't smell anything like the minty coconut woods vibe of actual palo santo to my nose but I see here it is a "type" which must mean it is a dupe of the Bath & Body Works version. This smells like vanilla amber and arid sandalwood musk.

Campfire Marshmallow blends silken vanilla marshmallows and a brief hint of fire smoke. Pretty sure I will love it.

Dreamland is a plethora of slumbering notes: mint, lavender, cotton candy and marshmallow fluff. All the pillowy good things. Unfortunately, my nose picks up the lavender in the form of lavender vanilla from Bath & Body Works. I am not really a huge fan of that version for some reason. I think it reminds me of fabric softener. I will still melt Dreamland and see if the other notes sweeten the deal but for now it is all lavender vanilla type. 

Red Hot Cinnamon Sticks makes my mouth immediately water. Love the fiery goodness of a flaming sugary cinnamon. Perfection.

Fall Foliage expertly melds the crisp curl of dried dead leaves with damp mist and woodsmoke. This will be melted sooner rather than later.

Boardwalk Marshmallow is new to me, I don't think I have ever sniffed the Bath & Body Works version either. Count me a fan. It is lovely! The fluffy clouds of marshmallow pair beautifully with the creamy sandalwood and gauzy magnolias. I want to blend with this now.

Fireflies is a flanker to Fall Foliage. The campfire and outdoor feel is similar but the woods are stronger and the marshmallows add a dollop of sweetness. 

Strawberry Pound Cake must be the new "it" scent. I don't think I have experience this candle either. Honestly, I have not been in a Bath & Body Works store in what feels like forever. I wanted to go to the SAS here in Orlando but honestly I really only crave fall and winter scents right now, plus COVID. Anyway, this is a yummy creamy strawberry scent. It smells like chewy strawberry candies and vanilla cream. A happy scent.

Pink Lavender Sugar smells strongly of lavender vanilla type. I think the Pink Sugar might be adding a touch of that caramel cotton candy musk but only faintly on cold sniff.

Pink Sugar is one many people are probably "over" but I still enjoy it. This is a nice version.

Pink Pillows is a mash-up of Pink Sugar, mint, marshmallow and cotton candy. Love it all! Vanilla forward with Pink Sugar as the star.

Peppermint, because I love mint. This is a pleasing wintery candied mint. Like the inside of a Junior Mint.

October will be a forever favorite. It could quiet possibly be my number one fall scent. It embodies everything I adore about autumn: apple cider, pumpkin pies, caramel and spices. I need an October candle. Loads of 'em.

Masquerade is one I had not encountered before but once I read the notes my heart did a wee somersault: smoky vanilla, cinnamon, cloves. Good gravy, yes. Its aroma does justice to the spectacular scene it shares a moniker with from Phantom. The cloves add an anise darkness to the sultry vanilla smoke and cinnamon. Need more. I need Masquerades in October.

Bewitched Brew was an accidental purchase. I assumed it was the classic "Witches Brew" dupe from Yankee but it is actually a coffee blend. I don't do coffee scents really so I gave this one to my sister, Lindsey, who assures me it is fantastic. I also used it in a mini loaf blend below and gifted that to her as well. It was meant to be, no loss.

Charred Oud Vanilla is a wonderful dark chewy woods with vanilla incense. 

Cotton Candy Spritzer is one I think I gifted before really sniffing. It was probably yummy. :-)

The Forest is a Disney inspired fragrance with an "earthy, dewy moss and floral" arrangement. There is some oakmoss peeking through the woods here. It is green and lush, rain dappled and overgrown yet verdant and fresh. The oakmoss lends a cologne or chypre quality.

Candy Cane is along the same vein as Peppermint but with a scoop of vanilla alongside. I like it a lot.

Lavender Cotton Candy Frosting is a sweet and juicy lavender vanilla type.

Library of Enchantment is another Disney muse that is redolent of old book bindings, yellowed crisp vellum and whiffs of leather and polished wood. Even though it is supposed to be a library it does remind me of the smell in the Haunted Mansion ride for some reason. Haunted Library? Should that be a thing? The answer is yes.

Grandpa's Pipe blends nostalgic pipe tobacco, chewy and sticky with a sweet molasses darkness, with subtle cherry and vanilla flavoring. Classic. 

Fizzy Fizzazz holds the essence of bubbly carbonated ginger ale. This will be fun to blend with.

Beach Night Bonfire is just that, a simple campfire and salty sea air mixture that will be wonderful on a rainy summer night. We have plenty of those here in Florida.

Witches Fly At Night is a new favorite. I will be making a Witches Fly At Night in October blend, make no mistake. This is a dark spicy scent. The cinnamon is dusty and aged, there are hints of night breezes carrying the lonesome hoot of an owl and black woods all about. This is wonderful.

I made up several mini loaves on the fly. I have to know, what sorcery does Dessa possess that she can insert these loaves into their wrappers without grating the wax and smearing everything?!?! I bow to her insertion prowess. Good grief that sounded naughty. 

Peppermint Pink Pillows was a no brainer. I have used up all of my Sniff My Tarts and needed a pink peppermint fix. This will do indeed. Cool mint and sweet pillowy vanilla Pink Sugar. 

Pink Lavender Sugar Spearmint is mostly lavender vanilla type right now and will probably get gifted to a sister. 

Peppermint Blue Sugar because I am an equal opportunity sugar gal. This will have me on a bus to Snooze Town in no time. Oh gosh. What has happened to me? Next thing you know I will be calling things "swell."

Lavender Mint Rosemary Mint is another that will be passed along. I should have paid more attention to the lavender thing. My fault. 

Palo Santo Peppermint worked out way better than I had even hoped. I love the coolness that is imparted to the amber woods. It is almost like winter in an enchanted wood.

Dreamland Charred Oud Vanilla was kind of random of me. I actually like it. I think the dark smoky vanilla pairs well with the lavender vanilla here. Looking forward to melting it.

Campfire Marshmallow Candy Cane looks like something straight from the North Pole. It smells like it too. Extra rich vanilla with a small dose of candy canes, reminiscent of peppermint ice cream.

Pink Sugar Red Hot Cinnamon Sticks is a dream come true. I think I have been chasing after some type of ultimate bakery scent in the past where there was a cinnamon laden pink sugar blend and this scratches that itch. 

This first from the left is a blend of Bewitched Brew and Pumpkin Farm. My sister assures me it is a fantastic pumpkin latte mixture. I will take her word for it. 

Library of Enchantment Palo Santo is a bit too much musky wood and leather I think. I should have substituted something sweet in there. Like Charred Oud Vanilla or Campfire Marshmallow. That would have rocked. 

October Charred Oud Vanilla is bliss. I mean, it's October. You can't go wrong with it. 

Dessa opens up for pre-orders this Saturday, the 13th (tomorrow). I have a handful of mini loaf blending ideas I want to make but I swear I will be more reasonable this time. October Masquerade, Witches Fly in October, Peppermint Flannel Blanket, Boardwalk Marshmallow Mint and Grandpa's Red Hot Cinnamon Pipe are all going to be made for sure. Plus Dessa always adds some nice new scents to the line up too. 

Are you eyeing anything?


  1. THANK YOU for this!! I'm finally sitting down and making my list in hopes of catching the opening tomorrow!! <3
    I've ordered once from Dessa's for Fall and Winter scents thanks to your blog. I'm long overdue for ordering anything and everything else.
    I may jack a few of your blends, if that's alright, but we'll just see.. I don't want to drop too darn much moolah at the moment. ;) :D lol

    And insertion prowess!! (I think that's a new saying I will be utilizing on the daily). Lmao

    1. You're welcome! I was hoping it might help someone who was hoping to place an order. Did you end up getting anything??? It was 4:15 by the time I remembered to order (I was having too much fun/too busy with Scarlette's birthday party- she turned 11 yesterday and we had a couple friends in the house to swim).

      I needed to save the money though too. I will keep these blends I wanted to make on hand for her August/September opening.

      LOL!!! She seriously has to have a trick though!

    2. Ohh, awesome, beautiful and wonderful- growing young lady! <3 <3
      I was going to order on account of my sis, but she ended up placing her own order, so I just refrained this opening. I definitely gotta order soon, though!!
      I heard Dessa had to close earlier than ever on this one! Hit her limit faster than usual! Good for her! <3

    3. It did! I am happy for her! She has some really great wax. I will be setting an alarm for her next one though. :-)

  2. What a beautiful order! I missed this recent opening, my wallet is probably thanking me. I told myself I was going to order from Carol in July and TBG Sat (I think that's right) and then that was IT. Even if I have to leave groups. Then I just saw Sniff My Tarts is having a pre-order later today (6/16) and was like hmmmmmm what to do? lol I haven't got the last order from them yet but it should be going out this week. This will be my first time melting SMT.

    What I ordered:


    I did sit out the last Rose Girls and Sassy Girl. I am trying to be good!

    1. I am wanting to order from Carol in July too. I keep checking her site and jotting down the ones I hope to buy. I have not looked at what Shannon has added to her site lately. I am a big fan of her mints. I melt them all the time so I tend to go through them faster than the rest. I know what you mean about leaving groups. I trimmed my wax groups on FB big time last year. I think I am in about half a dozen? SMT was always a favorite of mine for years and years but I left their group too in the simple effort of trying to stay sane in the wax department. I hope you like what you got!! When a blend works from SMT it REALLY works!!

      Your driftwood/pink coconut/sea air/marshmallow blend sounds incredible. Also the palo santo/sugared violets/vanilla lace... so sexy! And those bottom two are ones I would absolutely adore. Great blends!

      Congrats on sitting out Rosegirls and Sassy Girl!! It isn't always easy. I opened up the VCS Stephen King pre-order and almost caved on a few but then made a point to remember all the wax in my closet. I NEED to be melting. Hope you have a fabulous 4th of July, Paula! Lots of love and sweet smells.