Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Ten Digit Creations: May RTS Opening

Ten Digit Creations has been on a hiatus for a bit now, as Amber was ready for a slower paced day, life in the retirement zone. I think she is still enjoying having slower days but she has been making some wax here and there to use up her remaining supplies, which I am grateful for! May 15th she had a small RTS sale of cups and breakaway bars. I think the limit on most scents were 4 so I tapped out at 4 for a few that I was really stoked to buy. Scent shots were $1.75 each.

Candied Apples Cotton Candy Funnel Cake is not my typical scent choice but it sounded like a potentially fun fall scent and it is! The candied apples and sweet and mild, the cotton candy exudes a sugared berry charm and the funnel cake is rich and chewy, a robust bakery aroma. I gifted two to my sister since she liked it too and kept two for myself. 

Blackberry Frankincense Lavender Patchouli meshes some of my very favorite notes. I adore Amber's Blackberry Frankincense. It is a bold and beautiful fragrance where the blackberry is more tart with a hint of the blackberry blossom lingering on the skin of the fruit. The addition of herbal fresh lavender and crisp patchouli is lovely.

Black Vanilla Palo Santo Wood Spice sounded like a blend that fell straight from the hands of an angel so naturally I scooped up four. It smells like passing through the threshold of the oldest home in Salem, Massachusetts. Warm wood paneling, soft with age and memories, gentle spice wafting from the hearth from countless cauldrons of teas, toddies, and mulled wine, and the dregs of beeswax candle stubs perched in their sconces. It is the ultimate vanilla spiced wood. 

Black Vanilla alone is lush. It is a dark and cozy vanilla that is furred with tonka beans and deepened with a splash of patchouli. 

Lavender Marshmallow Peppermint Cookie Dough is one I knew would be a gamble given the addition of cookie dough. Cookie dough scent notes tend to be a tad too heavy bakery but I wanted to give it a spin with the addition of the other notes. Funny enough the cookie dough is tame in this one, I mostly get the classic lavender vanilla aroma from Bath & Body Works with a nice chill from the peppermint.

Rosemary Mint Lavender Mint Sandalwood seemed like a refreshing and soothing scent and it is. The mints and herbs are limpid and calm, neither overpowering the other. The sandalwood is creamy and acts as a tranquil base for the top notes.

Palo Santo Vanilla Tobacco had to be a winner. And it is. Very much so. The vanilla tobacco wants to reign supreme in this scent and given how dern much I love vanilla tobacco scents that wouldn't be an issue but the palo santo in here is sly. It creeps around the edges like a woodsy musk that can only be sensed from the periphery. It is gorgeous. I love this blend to the parlor, drawing room and back. 

These I only picked up one scent shot each for some reason. I guess I was in a hurry so I wouldn't miss out on those woodsy scents above. 

Lavender Bellini Basil Sage & Mint is a fun little minx. The mixing of fruity champagne, lavender simple syrup and herbs is clever. I like this. Springy and renewing.

Lavender Teak is sexy man meets lavender. Yum.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Marshmallow Sugar Cookie Pink Sugar throws in all my favorite delectable treats and it totally works. And I want more. Greedy, greedy I am. The dulcet and syrupy black raspberry vanilla is tempered by the vanilla coming from the marshmallow sugar cookie and the pink sugar adds a velvety musk making the whole thing sparkle and shine. This is the genius of Amber.

Moroccan Moon is a pillowy amber and spice blend that floats on clouds of musk and airy sandalwood. It is simply lovely and would make a welcoming bedroom scent or visiting guest aroma. $3

Caramel Cider Lane is an uber sticky and gooey caramel apple scent. It is Cider Lane topped with honeyed sticky toffee. I gave one of these bars to my fall scent loving sister. She approves.

Free Samples (yay!!!):

Santal- Sexy sandalwood.
Buttermint Cupcake- Yummy vanilla doused dinner mints.
Georgia Peach Lemonade- Tangy concentrated mango/peach/citrus bliss.
Sea Mist & Lavender- Reminds me of Love's Baby Soft perfume.
Black Pepper Bergamot- Sexy man cologne.

I am excited to have these on hand to melt during rainy summer evenings. 

Amber opens up again but this time for RTS and Made To Order items on June 12th at noon. You can bet your bottom I will be picking up a few more palo santo goodies. What scent do you enjoy smelling while it is raining outside?


  1. I'm not a huge fan of Palo but I'm easing into it. I'm going to try Palo + Velvet Sugar. I have about 10 other blends on my list lol. I did get a sample from CFTKR (Palo's Strawberry, I believe was the name) and it was wonderful.

    1. I love Palo Santo incense sticks to burn but the ethical harvesting of them is an issue, so finding it in wax has been a fun challenge. Dessa's seems the most musky/perfumy version so far. I have not tried Carol's yet but mixing it with Strawberry sounds like nirvana. I will see if I can try to land some at her next opening. I picked up the Palo/Vanilla Sugar too I think. I grabbed a handful of RTS blends and some of Amber's Vanilla Bean Noel version. I have been on a plain old fashioned vanilla kick lately.

  2. What an order!! And lovely pics, like always!
    I recall receiving an email about the May opening, but had no idea about this June opening.. maybe I missed seeing something.. Anyway, so many great sounding blends on the lists!
    I saw a customs listing on the site, do you think you'll be partaking?

    1. Amber told me she liked to send out a newsletter the day before an opening but tends to post the opening announcements on her webiste a lot earlier. I picked up several RTS scent shots and then 2 orders of her Marshmallow Sugar Cookie/VBN scent. I am seriously craving vanilla lately. It must be comfort thing because I am feeling a little out of control. My body hurts (uterus/feet) and I am kinda cranky. Trying to drink lots of water and rest.

    2. Thanks for the info- I did receive a restock email either the day of or the day before, I can't remember. Lol
      I'm sorry and hope you get through not feeling the best very soon! I've had a lot of chronic pain and nerve pain lately, during the time of my cycle I'm usually more ok, so that's odd.
      It's sometimes a lot to deal with our female systems and the symptoms that arise. I wish you comfort and ease and that your issues alleviate.
      I know what you mean about those comfort scents, though.. I definitely seem to melt more on the bakery side or soothingly earthy when I need more comfort in my life. <3

    3. Hi Kenna, I sadly do not have Amber's email address. I think she has closed for good, but maybe she does still dabble in wax on the side. But I do believe she fully retired. She is probably up in the mountains four-wheeling in her super sweet ruby red Jeep Rubicon. :-)