Thursday, June 11, 2020

Blood Moon Botanica: Spring Herbal Care Package

Britton switched things up in her herbal tier on Patreon in the beginning of the year. I joined the herbal tier right when she first opened Patreon but she was still building her levels and things shifted so I left then came back later once everything was established a bit more. I decided upon the $30/month herbal package tier in time for her to move from smaller monthly care packages to a quarterly larger seasonal collection. This is the first of them, the spring 2020 herb care package. She is selling the summer, fall and winter on her Blood Moon Botanica website for $45 a month for 8 months, if Patreon isn't your gig.

The spring box was themed around the veil and included some beautiful items.

The Black Cottonwood Bud Salve ($12) is for cuts, burns, scrapes, strains and aches of the skin and for healing broken hearts. It is soothing and buttery with a scent like tree resin and warmth. I used this on Adam's bruised pinky toe that her stubbed on Scarlette's rollerblades. It may have helped, he would never admit it.

Chamomile Sunshine Bitters ($15) are a vinegar based tincture that stimulates digestion. These are best taken neat on the tongue. It tastes mostly of apple cider vinegar with hints of sun laden herbs and turmeric. I enjoy taking it before meals.

I was most excited for the tea when Britton teased some of the goodies. I quite enjoy her tea mixes. Calm and Focus (not for individual sale) features holy basil, bacopa, gotu kola, and peppermint. It is a refreshing and relaxing blend that mixes well with other teas like sleepy time in the evening or green tea for a morning boost. It is lovely on its own as well. The peppermint is a nice aromatic addition.

This Conifer Gold aged perfume oil ($25) was the second thing I was most looking forward to when Britton teased the box.

Conifer Gold- Notes: Sitka spruce, Ponderosa pine, Black Cottonwood resins, and essential oils of frankincense, bitter orange, lemon and petitgrain. 
Rolled onto the skin, bright lemony hues of citrus bloom. The petitgrain and bitter orange are leathery and arid, reminiscent of bergamot. As it settles into the valleys of the skin golden frankincense teardrops begin to rise, lifting up the halo of citrus even higher. 

This all natural perfume can also be used as a deodorant or acne spot treatment given the antimicrobial compounds found in the tree resins. I love seeing the cloudy swirls of material in the vial and the tiny bits of bark and forest debris. It hits home the naturalness of the perfume. The hand-painted watercolor labels are amazing too. 

A tiny tin of loose Clearing Incense (not sold individually) emerged from the box. The fragrant offerings of rosemary and juniper waft up first when inhaled gently from the tin. I have not had a chance to use any of this yet but I may on the next full moon while I sit in my porch. 

I am very pleased to have these offerings to use and taste, medicate and enjoy. Keeping in mind that I embarked upon this not only as a Patreon donation but also for the benefit of getting some items from Britton without having to place an order, I am happy with the exchange. I will use all of these goodies to completion. I have already put a dent in the bitters (as you can see) and the tea. Are you a Patreon supporter of an artist? Please tell me about it!


  1. Lovely!!! <3
    I'm newer to taking bitters for digestion and they're definitely a game changer! So amazing what plants can do for us!
    I supported Rowan + Sage and Cedarhill Homestead through Patreon earlier this year and need to get back to it. I love all the useful extra information, knowledge and extra bonuses depending on price point. <3

    1. It is! I love the feel on my tongue and the watering of the mouth. I do have less tummy troubles and more regularity with the bitters. I need to focus more on WHAT I am choosing to eat next.

      Cedarhill has been nice to follow on IG (thank you for posting about them!). I will have to check into Rowan + Sage. I have been a tea making fool the past few weeks. I have been trying to get back into drinking Lady's Mantel again for my uterus. I seriously need to just find a new primary care physician and get it looked at again. But in the mean time I will be tea drinking. How are you doing? With everything going on I am sure bits and pieces of all of us are hurting.