Saturday, July 23, 2022

Siren Co.: Waxed Canvas Bags and Goods


As of late I have been buying my underwear from WhiskyDogWares, by golly she makes the best buttery soft undies ever. Anyway, I noticed she shared her sister's business (what a creative family!) and I immediately fell in love with her wares as well. Her company is called Siren and specializes in waxed canvas bags and accessories. 

I picked up the Legion 3-way satchel in olive for $95. It can worn cross-body, around the waist or through a belt. The construction is impeccable. I have worn this as my go-to bag for over a year now and it has endured with grace and durability. 

I attached a lucky Mercury coin for my travels. I enjoy the two small side pockets. One houses an amethyst worry stone and the other is where my For Strange Women Baba Yaga lip balm tin dwells.

I love the indigo ticking lining, but you can choose your own lining color among several.

It snaps closed in the front and the back has an outer zip pocket. I tend to keep my money and cards in the back zipper.

The inside houses hand sanitizer, balms, cards, notepad, pens, my phone, perfume roll-on and more. It holds just what I need while I zip about.

For work I need a bit more room. The past two years I have been using one of those free Vans bags they give you if you buy a pair of shoes in the store. It finally ripped apart and I was on the hunt. It did not take me long to remember where I should get my new work bag: Siren. 

I tend to carry a laptop, charger, legal sized clipboard, composition notebooks, pens, lunch, papers, folders, wet wipes, masks, markers, water bottle and a whole universe of whatnots in my work bag as a teacher. I knew I needed something large, with lots of pockets, and versatility. My choice... Tote #2 for $160. It comes in six color combinations and I chose tan on olive. I liked tan on tan as well but my oldest voted on this one between the two.

It boasts two front snap pockets, two side pockets, one large back pocket and one inside pocket that is perfect for a water bottle.

It is deep and wide and features two styles of handles, long for over the shoulder, and short for hand carrying.

I enjoy how great these pieces look and function. The waxed canvas really holds up well.

Both of these pieces are currently available. And luck you, the Tote #2 is on sale for $20 off, making it $140. It is going to be one of those bags you have forever. Support a small business. I know she would appreciate it! Links for WhiskeyDogWares and Siren are in the first paragraph embedded in their respective names (as always in case you didn't know- my hyperlinks don't show up visibly). 

I am eyeing up that duffle next. 


  1. Gorgeous, beautiful photos and bags!!
    I had followed Siren on IG before I knew about Whiskey Dog Wares. Love those two lovely sister ladies!
    I still need to purchase from Siren, but finally nabbed 2 undies from WDW when she ran a $25 a pair sale.
    Wow, those bags really are stunning!! I'm not a typical purse kind of person, but carry plenty with me. I love the idea of a quality, for life bag. Count me in!

    1. Thanks, April!! Too funny about you following Siren first and me WhiskeyDogWares first! How are you liking your undies?? I have a handful of them. They are so dang comfy. And her bralettes are amazing. I wear them all the time. I could even sleep in them. If you had to pick one bag from Siren what would it be? I like the sling one too. I love the various smaller accessories as well. These are definitely life time bags. They take a beating with grace.

    2. Your 2 bags are definitely amazing!! I do like that crossbody, as well! You're right, though, that all the offerings are eye catching and tempting. drool
      I think I may have seen Britton post about Siren bags years ago and that's where I first learned, but I could be mistaken.
      I definitely learned of Whiskey Dog Wares from you! <3
      I got some high waist briefs and love them! My husband is not a fan, but I like having my empty saggy post-baby pooch belly tucked away. LOL
      I definitely want to try the other cut, some of the half color styles, bras and bodysuits.
      I totally missed the velour offerings months ago and am still crushed. Everything was so beautiful!
      I'm always keeping my eyes open for when she has goodies available.

    3. I am dying. My husband HATES all my high waisted indie undies. I told him I needed them for my cycle and so that the heating pads don't burn my belly, but I wear them all the time and he will side eye me and say "but you aren't on your period...." Poor guy. LOL! The velour ones were so romantic and dreamy for sure. I don't have a pair of those but I wouldn't mind.