Sunday, July 31, 2022

Ebb & Flow: July 2022

 The highs and lows of the month.

Solstice Scents Headmaster (craving fall already)

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Wildcraft Oberon (best pine ever)

The Bathing Garden Magician's Bonfire

Future Primitive shampoo bar and conditioning hair rinse (in the scent Dusty Dogwood)

Future Primitive Lagoon (sample sliver- very nice)

Cosmic Cleanse Magnesium Body Creme (unscented)

Acorn Moon Mercantile solstice candle

Candles From the Keeping Room blend of Lemon Noel and Serendipity Marshmallow Delight

Exploring The Mother's Fragrances line of nag champas from India

All the things. I cannot stop. I think it is my way of burying my head in the sand? Coping? Mental health maintenance? Ray Bradbury and Tanith Lee short stories have been devoured, poetry, novels and memoirs. I am only a few books away from finishing the reading challenge on here and my GoodReads number. 

Twenty One Pilots Scaled and Icy album (the vinyl is really cool on this one- crystal clear)

Whatever spooky movies Savanna chooses, also Archive 81 on Netflix (hated the ending though). And Stranger Things of course. Scarlette actually went back and re-watched them all so I stuck around for that.

Three Spirit Drinks- Nightcap


Lighting incense and placing it on the edge of the pool while I swim, relax, and read.

The start of a new school year. I go back to work very soon. 

Not a dread but a nervousness about the future. A pressure of, ok, well yes. It is dread. A pressure of dread on the back of my neck and around my heart about teaching. All these laws. Shootings. The kids' futures. Their unrest. My inability to reach even my own sometimes. Feeling like a failure. Not knowing how things will mesh with new co-workers. Pressure. Pressure for sure. A weight. I was actually told over the phone last year, by a parent "I thought you were one of the better ones..." and it sucked. Real hard. But I promised myself I would take it one day at a time. And I need to make that my mantra. 

I think I have mentioned it before, but after a vicious twig ant (I always called them oak ants) attack while pulling weeds (invasive air potato vine) I used my Life Flower Bug Bite Elixir and found immediate relief. I swear this stuff really is magic. 

I miss my Walkman cassette player. 

Everything the Supreme Court altered and destroyed. Monarchs. My girls' future. Attitudes towards teachers. So much. So much heaviness. It is hard to breathe sometimes.

Seeing my niece. Seeing my sister Lindsey and her husband Dustin. Seeing England. Scotland. Belgium. Seeing poppies. Cathedrals. Castles. Having the summer to spend with my girls and husband. Getting in a ton of books and even some friend time.

How was your July? Are you craving fall or are you content to laze under the sun a bit more?


  1. Julie, I am hearing your words about dread and teaching and just want to give you a hug. Educators have so much on their backs these days and it must feel crushing. If our teachers are not given more basic human dignity we will not have teachers any more. In Texas they are leaving in droves, I know. (Then this parent can see what it's like to homeschool, cheers) You are not a failure. You are a lifeline for kids and amazing teacher.

    1. Thank you so much Brooke! Sorry it too so long to reply. We hit the ground running and I feel like I have a never ending list of things to do to get in a routine. But by golly, I cannot wait to get into it! I appreciate the hugs and kind words. I have already fielded an email form a parent that made my tummy turn, and so it begins. Texas and Florida are pretty similar as far as policies that can make teaching (and living) difficult. But those states need people like us to try and push back. Ready to help and support those kiddos!!!

  2. I am craving fall.
    The Fall Slut

    1. Aw, Deb. I hope you know I think about you all the time. I wonder how you are doing. I deleted FB a while back and in many ways it was for the best but one of the few things I miss is seeing with you and Kurth are up to, crafting and creating. I am craving fall something fierce too. The weather and the accouterments. I am tempted to get the fall decorations out, but the only things stopping me are tiredness and free time when I don't feel sapped. Are you decorating? Are you melting and burning still? How are your men?

    2. Do you still use your gatorbug email?

    3. I do have it technically, but I am not able to check it often because my stupid phone won't let me log into AOL easily. I use my julie johnson fl 80 at gmail dot com email address daily. I think of you often!