Friday, July 29, 2022

Stone Roses Handmade Rosaries


Kirsten, at Stone Roses Handmade, is a maker I discovered through following Britton (Archaic Honey/Blood Moon Botanica). In fact my first rosary bracelet came from a collaboration they did together, where Britton created a Holy Mother anointing oil for a crone memento mori bracelet that was sold as a set. 

Kirsten creates rosaries, chaplets, and bracelets to honor a wide range of deities and saints. She utilizes stainless steel wire for durability, which I appreciate as I tend to be klutzy and these have held up beautifully. 

Over time I have picked up three bracelets:
Crone Memento Mori- Black obsidian beads. Used to meditate on our mortality as a way of staying present to the moment.

Mary Magdalene- Red agate. Teachings about the balance between esoteric and exoteric spiritual practices, sexuality, and devotion.

Saint Joan of Arc- Garnets. Visionary, warrior, martyr, badass.

The bracelets were $40 each, but until Sunday everything is 20% off in her Etsy store, and are currently $32. Kirsten does customs as well.

Do you have any connections with a particular saint or deity? Are you drawn to any? How do you honor them?


  1. Ah, how lovely! Thanks for sharing. A nice rosary is something of an heirloom piece. Being from Texas, I was surrounded by images of Our Lady of Guadalupe and just loved her. On her feast day her altar in the church would be piled up with mountains of roses! There was often a line to get up to her altar and light her a candle. I visited her shrine in Mexico City and felt her powerful energy. I practice more as a Buddhist these days but return to her rosary every now and again, especially in fall and spring. What's the difference? Love is love.

    1. It is rather nice to have them to hand-down if the girls wish to have and use them in the future. I love that you have such beautiful memories of people honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe. I would have loved to see it! I agree, love IS love and finding peace, comfort, and guidance where we can is important. I picked up the book The Way of the Rose and look forward to digging into it. Growing up protestant I was not encouraged to learn about Mary as an intercessor and I cannot wait to learn more about her.