Monday, May 2, 2016

Melting Basket 65

Scents and vendors from the last basket that I would buy again include: Glitterati Raspberry Sangria, LSC Strawberry Wedding Cake, VCS Sweeney and Johanna, CFTKR Tokyo Nights and Pink Strawberry Chiffon, SMT Pink Noel, CLK Fresh Picked Strawberry.

The Bathing Garden- Ruby Chandelier
The Bathing Garden- Lemon Curd & Rose Milk
The Bathing Garden- The Fortune Teller
Glitterati- Island Peach
Lasting Scent Candles- Lemon Cream Soda
Lasting Scent Candles- Sweet Lemon Bread
Lasting Scent Candles- Lemon Shortbread Cookies
Lasting Scent Candles- Lemon Butter Crunch Cake
Lasting Scent Candles- Harmony
Lasting Scent Candles- Island Relaxation
Rosegirls- Wild Heart
Rosegirls- Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Rosegirls- Rosegirl's Garden/Raspberry Sauce/Vanilla Bean Noel
Vintage Chic Scents- Queen Anne's Lace
Candles From The Keeping Room- Summer Strawberry Taffy

Mini review of Strawberry Wedding Cake from Lasting Scent Candles: strong throw, vanilla heavy strawberries and cream scent with a smattering of white cake and strewn with strawberry jam and sugar. Love it and would buy again for sure.

To get into a more light hearted mood this melting basket I am choosing to do mini reviews on a few products I have bought and used over the past month. 

Aftelier's Organic Green Tea Matcha Chai has brought me many cozy and delicious tea moments. I whisk 1/2 a teaspoon of the Matcha Chai powder into hot water and add some cream and an extra sprinkle of cinnamon. This 25 gram container runs $30. I have made several cups and still have plenty left. I would buy again in a heartbeat. I also enjoyed my sampling of her Rose Oolong and Frankincense Oolong. 

It had been a while since I did a makeup splurge and my friend Gil from Nosegasm posted the most adorable compact from Paul & Joe Beaute on his Instagram account. I headed right over to Beauty Habit and loaded it up into my cart... along with a few other catty items.

With Paul & Joe you purchase the cases separate from the colors. Of course Captn' Kitty was coming home (and he came with the cutest drawstring bag). The Silky Pressed Powder in shade 002, though light is sheer and looks good on my medium olive skintone. It covers redness and shine. I believe it ran around $45. Refills are $33. I would totally refill it.

I also picked up a blush and a lipstick. Of course I chose the cat patterns in both and both are still in stock. The blush compact is $10 and I filled it with the color Cinema for $18. It is highly pigmented with easy blending. I love the pinky coral shade as it is really flattering on my coloring. I like that I can refile this case as well but since it is cardboard I do not foresee it holding up over many years. I could be wrong though. It is worth the $10 to me.

The lipstick is purchased separate from the tube as well. The tube was $7 and I filled it with the shade Sun-Kissed for $20. I like the case more than the lipstick. It goes on like Play-Doh and is just not very appealing on my face. Definitely not worth the $20 price tag. I am not sure if it is just this shade or a bad formula on the whole for their lippies. 

I did get this cosmetics bag and skincare sampler for free with my $50 purchase, and it is still being offered. I am eyeing some more cat lipsticks for their Summer release. They are a different formula so maybe they will fare better. 


I mean... how can I not want these?! Duh. They officially launched May 1st but I have not seen them pop up on Beauty Habit yet though they quickly sold out on Beauty Bay. 

Have you splurged on anything lately? 


  1. Such cute kitty things! Can I please have a review on TBG Fortune Teller and Lemon Curd & Rose milk? Did you like the Kitty's Konfections Fizzy Soda? She has so many amazing blends and the labels are adorable!�� Do you think you'll order eventually. I've splurged on a ton of wax this month, including KK, TBG and Starry Skies. Not to mention a Zoya nail polish order and a couple indue polishes.���� I broke the budget for May, gonna have to be really careful. The only things I really hope to get this month are a Candy Panda Sampler and stuff from the KK Cirque De Solil themed restock. In June I hope to order from Country Lane Keepsakes.

    1. Kitty all the things! I would love to review those for you! I liked the Kitty's Konfections tart, it was very strong and had a clear scent, I am just not a huge fan of ginger ale/lemon soda scents and probably would not buy that particular scent again. But I have been eyeing her restocks. I do know that I will order eventually. Glad you are treating yourself! But I do understand needing to stay in the budget. Mine has been reigned in a little since I have some events coming up this month and over the summer. Country Lane Keepsakes is high on my order list too. I have enjoyed melting what I have of hers. Enjoy all your yummy wax! We will be having a great summer of melting! <3

  2. Those cat items are so cute. And so is the photobombing cat!

    It must be the year of the lemon because I see several in your basket and I have a ton of lemon scents right now myself. =)


    1. You my resistance for kitty things is very low.

      It is a lemon phase for me! I loved the two lemony bakery ones I melted yesterday. They were strong and delish. Even the Harmony one is a citrus and lavender blend. It was nice.

  3. Kitties! EEEEEEEEE! I think I'm in trouble with those lipsticks at the end (when I find them). Wild Heart is super duper floral STRONG! I hope you love it (as I do).

    1. They launch on Beauty Habit May 6th.... Birthday treat?!

      Glad to hear Wild Heart is strong <3 I can't wait to melt it.