Friday, May 13, 2016

Esscentual Alchemy: Time Lord and Sibylline

Esscentual Alchemy is an all natural perfume house that I had the pleasure of experiencing not too long ago. I wanted to show that I did enjoy Patchouli Creme so much that I had to go back and get more, as well as buy a sample of a scent Amanda creates titled Time Lord. Because.... WHO wouldn't love that?! >elbow elbow< Eh? Eh? Dr. Who mom jokes. 

I won't be reviewing Patchouli Creme again (to read that click here). But I am excited to share with you Time Lord and a sample of Sibylline she sent.

Time Lord is everything I had hoped it would be. Primordial woods oozing an eerie green mist, as ageless as The Doctor. Incense smoke with a slightly metallic cyborg edge that could very well come from the pumping gears, hot electrical currents and steam generated from time travel. There lies a lone carnation on the control panel of the TARDIS, maybe a token from a past companion or love lost. The Time Lord smells ancient, modern and yes, always a bit alien. This fragrance captures all of that and more. I purchased this perfume mini spray for $13.

Sibylline comes in a parfum extrait formula and highlights the fleeting spring and autumn rose blossoms. I adore this version of rose, she is spicy and not sweet, sharp and not powdery. Her thorns and petals share space with lavender buds and moss. This departure from the jammy rose preserves serves to make her even more beguiling and sensual. I am head over heels.

I very much have been enjoying my Esscentual Alchemy experiences and will be a long time customer of Amanda's. If you decide to venture into the world of natural fragrances, be sure to sample her scents.

Have you explored natural perfumery yet?

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