Friday, May 20, 2016

Scent Trunk: Custom Fragrance Subscription

This Scent Trunk box was provided free for an honest review.

Scent Trunk has really amped up the perfume subscription game as of late. They re-branded, as we saw last time, offer new and exciting fragrances, as well as some pretty great deals. Like a free trial. You do have to cover the $4.95 shipping cost. The subscription is $18 per month and includes three 2ml spray vials of fragrance based off of your scent profile.

Scent Trunk also has a rewards program for referals and donates 1.5% of all sales to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

I updated my scent profile recently and I can see that it paid off. I love each of these scents.

Perfect Gardenia by Sarah Horowitz- Notes include: Gardenia, green notes, vanilla, musk.
Narcotic, powdery gardenia unfolds under the late afternoon sun. Green accords akin to sweetgrass weave and tangle around the bloom. A veil descends, casting the white blossom into softness, plush, downey and dulcet. As it dries down and the base notes emerge, it was as if the gardenia was worn right on the skin the whole time. Shadows of the scent linger, nuzzling a sweet floral musk into your flesh. $100

New York 1955 By 4160 Tuesdays- Notes include: Candy floss, raspberries, rose, violet, musk, vanilla, ambergris.
Wild raspberries and live roses ramble and tumble out at first spray. Over time they ripen and fall off the bushes then mix with silken cotton candy, Choward's Violet Mints and rose flavored Necco Wafers. This lovely floral candy violet heart lasts long enough to really enjoy it and revel in it. Eventually, the candies are cleared off the skin to reveal the softly smouldering ambergris and vanilla musk, a comforting ending to a long day of indulgence. $100

Evening Edged in Gold by Ineke- Notes include: Osmanthus, plum, Angel's Trumpet, saffron, cinnamon, Midnight Candy flower, leather, woodsy notes.
A phantom fragrance that slighters just out of grasp when trying to pin it down. Osmanthus opens the scent, sweet, soft and regal wearing the slightly purple hue of the tart plum skin. Saffron wafts up, so distinct and pungent from the floral bouquet. Creamy, yet somehow spicy and peppery, leather and woods surround the exotic and royal flowers. This is a scent for beautiful evenings, cherished moments and dressing up. $95.

Of the three I would be hard pressed to pick just one. And I will happily wear each of these scents any time. I actually wore New York 1955 to an interview yesterday. Something to perk me up and put a smile on my face. I love all three for very different occasions. New York 1955 is a great mood lifter, Perfect Gardenia is a great summer beach scent and Evening Edged in Gold holds promises of romantic experiences in store.

Have you tried Scent Trunk yet? Don't wait too long, as you really can't beat $4.95 for such high quality scents during their free trial period. Which of these speaks to you?

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