Thursday, May 5, 2016

Band of Bloggers: Volume 5, May 2016

You know what they say, April shower and all that jazz! Happy May, and welcome to the Band of Bloggers! We hope this post finds you well, and we hope the first half of your 2016 has been treating you right. Please join us in this month's conversation below, we love hearing feedback from our readers!

I don't know about the rest of you, but where I live, it's warm almost all the time. We barely have a fall season, and it hardly ever rains. I hate the heat, so in essence, I am forced to live with something I don't particularly like!

My Band Of Bloggers question for May is: if you had to choose 1 or 2 scents you absolutely dread and you had to melt and smell them only for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? And also, why do you dislike them in the first place?
Oh! Self torture! How very masochistic. If I had to smell something I dreaded for the rest of my days I would have to go with Laffy Taffy banana scent. Maybe even chocolate dipped banana. With a side of kettle corn zucchini. May as well wear a hair shirt and participate in some self flagellation too. And force myself to listen to people chew loudly, gulp their drinks and breath heavy. While I am at it, may as well tilt all the photos on the walls askew, read endless vaguebook posts and overall indulge in all the things that drive me to insanity.

In addition to the above scents I tend to hate any detergent notes, sour fake fruity scents, overly acrid fire scents. What scents do you hate?

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  1. I know, I know, I'm the weirdo question writer, LOL! I like your choice, I can smell the fake banana candy from here! It's good to dig deep within ourselves and work through our wax hatred, though! ;)

    1. Not weird at all!!! I thought it was fun to think about. I have found a few banana scents I like and one chocolate. Not bad!

  2. LOL! Great answer J :)
    A chocolate dipped banana in wax - no thanks.
    .....slurping milk or soup from a bowl drives me bananas.

    1. Yes. Mouth noises. I have a real case of misophonia.

  3. Oh man, a chocolate covered banana scent is my dream! LSC used to have an incredible one. I can't say specifically any scents I don't like - I love a certain type of true, herbal lavender scent but hate others, hate RG green apple but like most others, some pumpkin smells generic and gross to me but the true, fresh baked pumpkin scents are heaven. And so on. I'm just picky with scents in general now, but I can't think of one specific note that I automatically recoil at. Maybe wintergreen - reminds me of pepto bismol binges in my early 20s hangover days lol. But even hidden in the right blend I can tolerate it. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend J!!

    1. You have a point. The only chocolate scent I have enjoyed is LSC Cozy Winter Night. They have a yummy chocolate.

      Wintergreen makes me cringe. Reminds me of my Wintergreen Skoal/Copenhagen misspent youth. Have a great Mother's Day weekend too! <3

  4. Your answer hit me in all the wrong places. LOL. Don't forget to add nails on a chalkboard!
    I'm not the biggest fan of banana blends. I have to be in a very particular kind of mood to melt the few banana scents I have. None of them smell like any kind of banana I'd eat, so why would I melt it??

    Kettle corn zucchini... Excuse me while I go cleanse my palate.

  5. Lol! Yes! Or teeth biting metal. Ew.

    I find I don't mind banana that leans bakery with lots of creaminess and spice. But the whole Runts/Laffy Taffy makes me cringe.