Thursday, May 26, 2016

Olfactif Artisan Perfume Subscription: May

Spring has arrived for many, bringing golden pollen on the breeze, green buds on spare branches and bright lilies and flowers abound. Here in my neighborhood it is more about summer already. The grass is thirsty and brown, the sun at its zenith scorches the skin and June bugs emerge from whatever hidey hole that they metamorphosized within. Thankfully I have this springy May box of scents from Olfactif to remind me of what spring can be like in other climates. The subscription is still $18/month with an $18 discount for any fragrance featured in that month's box.

Spring by Dasein- Notes include: Vetiver, violet, sandalwood, rose, yuzu, black pepper.
I sampled Dasein's Winter fragrance and fell head over heels. When I saw another Dasein seasonal scent I could not wait to wear it. Spring has this incredibly bright verdant juice and it echoes the scent perfectly. Translucent lime green sap, both peppery and electric awaken the senses. Razor sharp blades of grass cut through the womb of soil to greet the white hot sun. The biting and bracing vetiver and pepper ease but never depart as violets and paperwhites and bulb flowers of all varieties bloom in time lapse frames, moving to the forefront. The grasses and wildflowers fade back into the earth, leaving behind arid impressions and viridescent ghosts. $95 for a full bottle.

Notes of Sauvignon Blanc by Kelly & Jones- Notes include: Yuzu grapefruit, starfruit, green apple, camellia. 
Kelly & Jones dedicates their fragrance line to compliment various types of wines. Notes of Sauvignon Blanc sketches out the tell tale crisp, dry and refreshing notes of the wine wonderfully. Yuzu and carambola blend to create the illusion of passionfruit and dragonfruit, tropical and plump. Carambola, or starfruit, also lends a pear nectar sweetness that balances the tart green apple. Camellia blossoms mimic the grapefruit and cream vibe that magnolias carry within their flower's heart. The fragrance dries down to a light oakmoss and musk flavor. A full bottle is $50, and with the $18 off coupon code, is quite a steal.

Hansa Yellow by DSH Perfumes- Notes include: Lemon essence, green banana peel, Tunisian neroli, grandiflorum jasmine, ylang, ylang, orange blossom, butter, Tahaitian vanilla, Australian sandalwood.
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz debuted a CHROMA line that ties artist palette pigments to scent. Hansa, or arylide yellow, is a yellow toned beige-tan shade that is pretty much dead on to the color of the perfume's liquid. Lemon rinds and banana peels, sweet and mellow set the tone as they merge with piquant neroli and tropical ylang ylang. At this point in the fragrant painting the yellow is more like bright aureolin or colbalt yellow rather than tan. Eventually the brightness blends into softness when the banana peels begin to bring images of cured tobacco, clear vanilla and creamy sandalwood. The dry down lingers in the true Hansa yellow shade of vanilla sandalwood musk. A pleasure to experience and wear all the shades of the sun. A full bottle is $100 on Olfactif.

I have another brand new Olfactif box, in this month's subscription to giveaway. I will be including it as part of a much larger Two Year Blogiversary Giveaway that will be posted on May 28th. If you would like to try this month's box, be sure to enter. 

Which one of these scents in the May box calls to you? My personal favorite was Notes of Sauvignon Blanc. I could see myself wearing this tropical fruity and heady magnolia beauty all summer. And hey, for $38 it hits the wallet nicely too. 


  1. I think I need to sample your perfume samples, LOL! I'm ready for a perfume change, but not sure what I want to try. I've used Estee Lauder stuff forever because many many years ago, it was the only one I knew for certain that wouldn't bother my allergies. I just feel like trying something new, but I don't think I'm ready for a subscription. But I don't know what I want!! I'll probably just go to do some sampling at a store soon! :)

    1. Ooooooo girl! You know I will share! I will make a little bag of scents to try. Sephora will give free samples of ones you want to try. Olfactif is a wonderful subscription but probably not for the very casual perfume wearer.