Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Butterfly Lane Scents: Custom Order

Melissa, the owner at Butterfly Lane Scents, opens and closes as she has time to make wax. I follow her on Facebook and once in a blue moon I will see that she is open for RTS or custom orders and I will pull up her site and place an order. This most recent time I saw she was taking custom blending orders in paw print shapes. These bags hold about six ounces of paws for $6.00 each. 

Mountain Cider and Country Splendor- Lauren turned me onto Butterfly Lane's Mountain Cider. It is strong and comforting, with extra berry sweetness. I added Country Splendor to it, which is basically more fruit and spice, but I think there is a touch of bayberry in there too. Strong throw. Lovely cabin type of scent. 

Ivory Woods- Notes of sandalwood, muguet, iris, vanilla flower, jasmine, timber wood, tonka bean, cashmere and at last, ivory oud. Hellllloooooo, nurse! Powdery iris and creamy vanilla sandalwood lay like organza over dried jasmine flowers and musky blonde woods. Haunting. Beautiful. 

Appalachian Winter- I am missing the mountains. Can you tell? A blending of bergamot, orange, lemon, vetiver, patchouli, and tonka. A homey scent full of grassy vetiver and incense hazy patchouli. The citrus prevents it from being bogged down in base notes. An earthy scent that will be pleasant in the heart of winter. 

Spearmint Candy and Sugared Spruce- Spearmint Candy includes peppermint and vanilla candy too. I added sugary evergreen and the result is one happy wax lady. The sweet spearmint holds its own quite well and enjoys a little bit of chill from the outdoors. I hope I can get this one again. Perfect holiday sleepy time fragrance. 

I did get these cute little samples but I already sent them out to new homes before I got around to blogging them. They were all bright, great scents though. 

Have you tried Butterfly Lane? Do you enjoy blending? Are you ready for the holiday melting? 


  1. The paw prints are so cute. I've not ordered from Butterfly Lane myself but I've enjoyed the few that others have gifted to me. I'm not a blender either. Everything I think of blending is already a blend that's available. lol


    1. The paws are cute and a great size to work with for a quick drop in a warmer. I like that. I was shocked I only blended two bags! Normally I am a blending freak but I really liked the idea of trying the other two just bare bones.