Sunday, October 23, 2016

Melting Basket 75: Halloween


Repurchases I would make of scents in the last basket: LSC Toasted Embers and Fall Fest, Dessa's Pumpkin Wreath Woods,  October, Autumn Breeze and Autumn Wreath Harvest, TBG Tombstone Dust and Victorian Midway, BL Mountain Cider/Country Splendor, CFTKR Caramel's Perfect Autumn.

CFTKR- Full Moon
Prairie Antiques- Witch's Brew
TBG- Haunted Hayride
TBG- Nether World Zombie
Sweet Fixations- Hocus Pocus
Sweet Fixations- Haunted House
House of Usher- Sanderson Sisters
LSC- Spooky Brew
LSC- Crimson Moon
LSC- Spooky Apparations
LSC- Cast A Spell
LSC- Cobweb Cookies

These are my Halloween week melts. Lots of hauntingly delicious scents. If you would like any of these reviewed, let me know!

Thursday I got an email that Bath & Body Works was having a 6 for $18 hand soap sale and I had a couple coupons too. We were running low so I decided to restock, and at $1.80 each I couldn't beat it. The girls loved the new Sparkling Mint scent so we picked two of those. I also enjoyed the Winter White Woods and Vanilla Birch scents. Frosted Cranberry is a Thanksgiving staple and I ended up enjoying Harvest Table as well. Leaves and Vanilla Snowflake both smelled pretty irresistible. I also had a coupon for a free pocket bac. All around, an awesome deal. Did you take advantage of that? 

Thursday we also went to a local pumpkin patch to get our annual carving pumpkins. The patch had the cutest little set ups for photo taking. I went crazy taking photos, but I warned the girls I would so they were patient with me. 

I cannot believe Halloween is right around the corner. The year has flown by. What are your plans? Any pumpkin carving? Movie watching? Trick or Treating? 


  1. Not much Halloween stuff happening here. The pumpkins I bought early are all sunken and rotting already. I'll have to grab a couple fresh ones to carve, but I don't even know if we're into it enough to carve. We still haven't finished decorating outside, haven't watched any scary movies, nothing. I haven't even been melting anything. I did pop SF - All Hallows Eve into the warmer just now in an attempt to maybe force some melting joy back into me. Whether it ever makes it to the blog, we'll see.


    1. You should totally carve a Skylanders pumpkin! Or a Viking one. We are woefully behind on the movies too. We have only watched Hocus Pocus weeks ago, some Harry Potter and The Great Pumpkin. I hope the SF tart is working its magic. I am melting SF Haunted House right now and liking it. In fact... the Chinese food delivery guy just said how good it smells in the house and I heard Adam say "it's my wife." LOL! Lazy Sunday night after lots of cleaning. I even went through the girls' rooms and had them pull toys and stuff to donate. Clean everything out.

      Hoping you are having a relaxing Sunday full of football and fun.

    2. The Vikings undefeated strike came to a screeching and horrible end today. That game was embarrassing! Eagles won, 21-10.

      That's cool about the delivery guy. I'll have to go back and check what Haunted House is. The one I melted was nice, and it did have me missing my wax addiction.