Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mermaid Treasures: Arrok Metal Studio

Nicole, the silversmith at Arrok, fuses stylized tattoo flash, vintage and replica scrimshaw, nautical moodiness and even a killer edge from weaponry to create her brilliant pieces. Her scrimshaw pieces, specifically, called out to me. There was a bone spear one that I kept shuffling my feet on but in the end someone else snapped it up. When I saw this sparrow-swallow-bird I did not even hesitate. It was to be mine. 

I believe it was originally on an 18" strand but I upgraded to a 20" and she added an extender for that so I do have the option of wearing it shorter if I wish. The weight feels substantial but not over bearing. I love the details. 

I can see myself ordering from Nicole again. I hope to get one of her tall tree pendants one day. For now I will wear this birdy beauty and feel like I am channeling my inner Captain Jack Sparrow. Or doing the widow walk of Davy Jone's bride. 

Do you enjoy the tattoo inspired look? Scrimshaw? I bought a flannel shirt just for this necklace. Yep. Building my wardrobe around my jewelry.


  1. That pendant is beautiful! I love how she combined the tattoo look with the scrimshaw. Scrimshaw holds a special place in my heart after my father bought me a pair of scrimshaw earrings.

    1. I thought so too. I was shocked it didn't get bought much faster. But then again I think it was meant for me. My sister was eyeing a few knives/butcher knife necklaces she has in her shop. I love the tattoo/scrimshaw too. How cool you have scrimshaw earrings!!! I would love to see them!!! I think I would like a couple more scrimshaw pieces, especially since the one in this necklace is just replica. I would love some real vintage scrimshaw. I love folk art and the stories behind it. Enjoy your earrings, dear!! <3