Monday, October 3, 2016

Sugar & Spice Wax: Tiny Fall Custom Order

Sugar & Spice has been on "to order from" list for ages. I did a small order last year with my sister and we split the four cup packs. It was a lot of fun and a great way to make it more affordable. This time I went out solo and did a few custom blends in the 3 cup packs. She sells the 3 cup packs for $5.55 each and you can blend to your heart's desire. 

Country Christmas/Cinnamon Sticks/Gingerbread Apple Cake- Of course cinnamon features pretty strongly in this one but the gingerbread apple cake and Country Christmas build a layer of cozy, almost hearth-like, homeyness. This will be perfect for those cold snaps in December. 

Leaves and Cinnamon Sticks- Sugar & Spice has a killer Leaves dupe. It is golden and full of juicy apples and soft spice, add in that extra cinnamon and it explodes. A festive autumnal combination. 

Pumpkin in the Fire and Cinnamon Sticks- Can you tell I like cinnamon? Stoked I ended up liking Shanna's Cinnamon Sticks oil (especially since I blended it with so many things)! Another scent that I adore from her is her Pumpkins in the Fire blend. I first experienced it years ago and it always makes me happy. Sweet sugary pumpkins and marshmallow fireside collide. Perfection. Add in a little spice and everything turns out nice. I swear I almost pick up a wee ghosty touch of caramel apple too.

Frosted Pumpkin Cupcake/Coconut Cream Pie/Gingerbread Pumpkin- A creamy vanilla coconut pie layered with pumpkin and on a vanilla wafer crust. This bad boy makes me googly eyed. Very minimal spice.

Marshmallow Fireside and Celtic Moonspice- Another scent Shanna does wonderfully is Marshmallow Fireside. Celtic Moonspice is a goddess in her own right and she elevates this already incredible scent into nirvana for my nose. Not a fiery spice, but sweet and mellow. Like cinnamon vanilla, but now a marshmallow rolled in cinnamon sugar and vanilla then toasted. Does it get any better than this? 

Loving my short and sweet Sugar & Spice order. I missed the sale since I had already placed this one, but did anyone catch it? What did you blend? What are your favorites from Sugar & Spice? Fast turn around time, nice scent list, custom blending options... a great vendor. 


  1. Nice order. I might snoop around her sight for some Christmas scents. I have WAY too many pumpkin/fall scents so I can't even look at those any more. lol


    1. Thanks! I really, really loved it. I sadly, was not a fan of any of the mystery scents so I sent them to new homes. But I was happily surprised to find I liked all my blends. Usually I get a dud or two because it just wouldn't meld right. I am full to the brim with pumpkins and fall scents too. But I could stand to get a couple more Christmas smells. But I kind of want Christmas candles too. So candles will probably win. Let me know if you order!

  2. I want to try this vendor too. I am eyeing peppermint all the things.

    1. I wonder if I can order singles in the 3 pack, and write the 3 scents but not blended. I'm assuming so?

    2. Yes! Peppermint is amazing!

      It wouldn't hurt to ask but I think she does it that way to avoid having to make single batches of wax. It is just as much work to make a single scent as it is to blend it so I would be triple the work to make three single scents that are different. But email her! She might do it, especially if she already has some on hand of the scents you want. And hey. If you ever want to split some four-packs, let me know. My sister and I each did three blends we liked (we agreed to not use certain scents if the other hated it) then split the order down the middle. I got a few of hers and she got a few of mine.