Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Fun Series: FuturePrimitive Wax Melts

This post in the Fall Fun Series is to highlight a new wax vendor. Technically FuturePrimitive is not new to the wax tart game, but it has been a few years since she stocked wax in her store. Once Tiggy spilled the beans that she was pouring wax again I was over the moon. I ordered a small handful of scents to start. These tarts weighed between 0.7 and 0.8 ounces each and came housed in a nifty cup with an attached lid. Probably my favorite type of scent shot cup to date. The tarts are 1.75 pounds each, or about $2.15, which is higher than the average vendor wax but not out of my personal realm of comfort. Shipping was 7.80 pounds.

Tiggy not only featured an Autumn release but she has her General Catalog scents included in wax format as well. I ordered a few from both collections.

Festival  is a hippy scent lover's delight. Dark, herbal patchouli infused with incense and nag champa. Smoky, resinous and delightful. (General Catalog) It throws strong and even drew Savanna into my bedroom to exclaim "What smells so good?! Are you burning incense?!" My little joss stick girl. I will be loading up on these bad boys. 

Bell, Book & Candle remains on of my favorite bath time scents, a cauldron full of patchouli, jasmine, sandalwood and musk. In the wax version the jasmine really blooms. Stunning. (General Catalog)

The Gloaming was part of the Autumn release and is a spooky rendition of marshmallow, campfire and chilly winds carrying the promise of snow. A sweet ozonic version of Marshmallow Fireside. So unique and perfect. It has me dreaming of a peppermint marshmallow fireside blend. Why have I not done that yet?! (Autumn Release)

Sparklebox shines with oranges, amber and vanilla. An adult version of a Dreamsicle. (General Catalog) I enjoyed melting this in my bedroom and got a medium throw from it.

Rook & Raven features similar notes as Sparklebox with its orange and vanilla pairing, but with added sandalwood and patchouli, this one is much more dark and earthy. They smell nothing alike. I do prefer the Rook & Raven duskiness out of the two. (General Catalog)

Graveyard is no longer on the scent list for Autumn but I think it had to be there since I did pick it up. It is one of those loamy soil scents, writhing with pink and grey glistening earthworms, moss and decayed leaves, yellowing flower petals and salty tears. (Autumn Release)

Free samples in:

Pumpkin Eater with baked pumpkin, maple and pumpkin spice frosting. Not too sweet or too spicy. The pumpkin maple combination stands out the most and smells delicious. This one ounce wee one gave a strong throw in my bedroom. Absolutely divine.

Blood made me curious and I sheepishly requested a small sniff of it and Tiggy generously acquiesced. Plum wine mulled with spices is sweet, deep and makes my mouth water. My kind of fruit for sure.

I am totally stoked Tiggy is making wax. I am in love and will be buying more. She has just the earthy and sophisticatedly dark scents I crave. 


  1. Earthy and dark, the opposite of fruity/bakery, and all me. Thanks for the info:)

    1. Yes ma'am! I agree!! I will be back for more. I can never get enough of those earthy scents. <3