Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Fun Series: Shades of Autumn

Autumn favorites:
Afterlier Bergamoss solid perfume
Serge Lutens Chergui 
Sonoma Scent Studio Forest Walk
Sonoma Scent Studio Tabac Aurea
Sonoma Scent Studio Fireside Intense
Solstice Scents Manor
OPI Designer... De Better
Tom Ford Bitter Bitch
Chanel Malice
Tom Ford Moroccan Rouge
Serge Lutens Roman Rouge
Marc Jacobs Magenta
Buxom Havana
Osa Metal Studio Dendritic Agate Victorian owl button silver necklace

Bath & Body Works Cinnamon & Clove Bud and Sparkling Amber candles on deck for November.

Many of the perfume scents and polishes can be read about in depth by searching the blog. The candles will be reviewed in the next couple weeks or so.

What items are coloring your fall at the moment? 


  1. Since the weather has finally decided it's Fall I've been switching to more woodsy/amber/sandalwood type fragrances for perfumes. Matter of fact, I'm wearing Kate Walsh Boyfriend today and loving it. Zoya Casey nail polish on my nails and Anastasia Trust Issues is my new go to for my lippie. I'm loving your pics. Beautiful as always. Have a great day!

    1. Mmmm... I have a real weakness for woodsy and amber scents. Sandalwood too. I bet you smell amazing Renee! Zoya Casey looks like the perfect plummy vampy shade. I will have to try and snag that one. And Trust Issues looks like crushed velvet on the lips. Yum. I have not tried any Anastasia lip products yet. I know I love her brow offerings. Thank you for swinging by Renee! Have a great evening! <3

  2. Can't get enough fall foliage this year, I don't know if the trees are brighter hues, or I'm just noticing more often. Loving it either way. I love Sparkling Amber on cold, looking forward to your thoughts on it. I think it's interesting that you choose autumnal fragrance perfumes, I'm much less adventurous, but I also like the idea of having a signature scent that people remember you by. I'd say I change my personal fragrance roughly every 5 years. Also, if this is what you choose for fall collage I can't wait to see your beauty post! No pressure, mine will not be glamorous, but I just don't buy a lot of new beauty stuff.
    What a special owl necklace, a great conversation starter, too. Hope you're doing well:)

    1. I wish I could immerse myself in fall foliage!!! Ugh. I can only imagine. Sparkling Amber definitely caught my on cold. I hope it burns and throws nicely. I will definitely light it up and review it this weekend. I used to be a one bottle perfume person as I was growing up: Love's Baby Soft, Exclamation, Sunflowers, True Love, Romance... I ran through them all one at a time but then several years ago I sampled Serge Lutens from a sampling/decant website and I was hooked. I could no longer just pick one. I wanted a scent wardrobe that changed with my mood, clothes and season. It is hard now a days to stick with just one scent for a lifetime unless it is something like Chanel No. 5 but even then it has changed with reformulations over the years. Poor scents are always getting reformulated or discontinued. Signature scents are very cool. I have friends who love them too. My nose just relentlessly wants to smell all the things! LOL!
      Consider this my beauty post sneak peek. :-) Though there will be more eyeshadows and polishes and such. These were accumulated over a long period of time. I have not bought as much recently and in fact, I think my Sephora VIB will be expiring for the first time in four years... eeeeek. But I have been focusing on using what I have and that is never a bad thing.

      Thank you!!! I knew you would appreciate a well turned owl. <3 She is my most treasured artisan piece.

      I am doing better. Eating more fruits and veggies and walking more. I think it is helping with my headaches and such already. I hope you are well too!! <3

  3. Such a beautiful post, I love seeing your perfume choices!! Ellisa

    1. Thank you Ellisa! I have been thinking about you. These perfumes have been calling to me the loudest lately. I love them all dearly. What have you been wearing lately?

  4. I love your photography, always such an aesthetic pleasure visiting.

    1. Thank you Catherine! I really appreciate that! Your visits are very much appreciated <3